All Black Ops Zombies Cheat Codes

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Cheat Codes

This is a complete list of cheat codes available in Call of Duty Black Ops zombies mode. Included in this list are all of the terminal command codes you need to use the terminal. Before you can enter any of the cheat codes you need to break free from your restraints and then find the computer terminal.How to break free from restraints?

When you are at the main menu, if you look around using the analog stick, you will notice your character is locked in a chair. You can break free from your restraints by pressing the L2+R2 buttons (the trigger buttons) repeatedly. Doing so will allow your character to break free from the chair.

Where is the computer terminal?

The computer terminal is located behind the chair you broke free from. Move around your chair and you will find an old computer terminal you can use to enter the cheat codes.

Black Ops Cheat Codes.

Code Unlock
3ARC UNLOCK Unlocks Dead Ops Arcade game, “Five” Zombies mode map, Zork: The Great Underground Empire text-based adventure game, and all missions.
3ARC INTEL Unlocks intel information. Note: You not be able to earn the “Closer Analysis” trophy by using this code.
ALICIA Unlock the Alicia therapist game.
DOA Dead Ops Arcade mini game
ZORK or HELLO SAILOR Play Zork: The Great Underground Empire text-based game. Playing this game unlocks the “Eaten By A Grue” trophy.
HELP Display all commands available in the terminal.
CAT filename or PRINT filename Opens the file you entered.
DIR Lists all of the files you can use with CAT or PRINT.
WHO Display a list of login names you can use with RLOGIN.
LOGIN Login with a username and password.
MAIL Open mail folder for current user.
LS Lists the files inside the current directory.
ENCODE Encode a string using the CIA’s cypher.
DECODE Decode a string using the CIA’s cypher.
FOOBAR Displays “Fee Fie Foe Foo!”.
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88 Responses to “All Black Ops Zombies Cheat Codes”

  1. Is there a cheat code to unlock every level in zombies for call of duty black ops.

  2. zack says:

    can someone give an ulimited ammo glitch my gamertag is PLAN B MonTy5

    please hmu

  3. august says:

    i wont steal anything i just want moon u can change yur password psn(captainkiller576)

  4. august says:

    if someone can get me the map 4 moon i can tell you how 2 get all the perks glictch captainkiller576

  5. rubihd says:

    hi i would like to know how can i get unlimeted ammo in ps3

  6. august says:

    i got to round 25 add me captainkiller576 i know alot of glitches for solo i got to 69 if u add me we could get far

    • online--killboy says:

      hay kino der toten is german for cinema of the dead.iv also got the highst round for under 10s my highest round is 79 if you want to add me my online name is online–killboy no a expert on five too.and dead ops arcade but I have not map packs add me you can go on my cuzs youtube acount hes youtube name is syndacte.

  7. dayton says:

    how do u get new zombie maps plz tell me

  8. Q-TIP says:

    dude i cant find any cheats 4 like god mode, unlimited ammo, etc….

    • braampie gouws says:

      I need only unlimmited ammo please for the zombies at call Of duty please can you
      Can you help me please I’m beging you please

  9. ducky1020(psn name) says:

    add me if you want to get round 300 plus my best round on solo is 255 but online its 300 plus ddepending on who im playing with

  10. Velezpr says:

    I got to level 41 with 1681 kills. I want to beat that record. If you are good (level 35 or more) send me a request so we can make it to level 45 or more. Velezpr. I will delete most of my contacts to make space for some new ones.

  11. Glortch says:

    I can get to round 26 on solo and round 50 online. Add me if you wanna get to round 40+ (PS3 name: Glortchey)

  12. Mike says:

    My record by myself is round 248 but with a friend round 276

    • ramtin shirmohamadi says:

      im ask you a question but you dont answer my i whant to know how i can complet the zombis to level 248 i turn on the power and drik the juice and when i dead im standing up and i continu the game and i see the latter befor to open the curtein and i turn on the two things one of them is a circel on the floor and one of them is one thing likes bubble and its blue and i going to the first thing im turn it on & i hold # and im going to the room and it has a windowand the zombis cant kill my and i com back after the 30_40 seaconds . where i can go and the zombies cant kill my do you have any cheat codes?

    • alex marquez says:

      do you have xbox360 if you do my gamertag is IICRAZYJOKERII

      • Xbox 360 says:

        Hi i sent u a request accept if if u want i hope u do. P.S. For the record i dident pick my user name its “CutoffTiara1535″ its stuped i dident choose to make it that.

  13. Allen Early says:

    add me on facebook and i will tell you more about this

  14. Anthony Lewis says:

    If you dive into the corner with trashcans in the alley you get unlimeted death machine without hacking but you cant have online to do it

    • killerboy says:

      what map is that i have accesion and call of the dead and the unlockables i was wondering cause i love doing cheats on zombies so please help

  15. hayden says:

    is there a infinate ammo on zombies

  16. peyton says:

    is there a infinite ammo cheat on xbox 360

  17. peeper says:

    wat are the eggs for on kino di toten

  18. Terry says:

    im pretty good at zombies but sometimes people who i play with are pretty much crap add me tibbzy123 please!

  19. justin says:

    my name on x box live is Getmerked26 add me i can get to level 22

  20. Morgan says:

    Is this for xbox 360? I tried and it doesen’t work.

    • molly says:

      It works for ps3 too, ive done it before to unlock “five”

    • killerboy says:

      to get five you can beat it or put doa to temal scan i hate doing cereer so i do the computer thing if u beat cerrer the final misson is five but no zombies thats the xtra mission

  21. Blaine says:

    Can someone add me who’s really good at zombies cause I’m pretty good but I’m stuck at level 19 and everytime I get near or past it someone always quits the game :( my ps3 account is leg115, please help !!!!

  22. sam says:

    how do u get all of the zombie maps?

  23. Wally says:

    If u want that really big gun you have to shoot the lock 4 times and wait till it comes up

  24. mounifj says:

    Guys if anyone wants to get a Ray Gun every time or a Thunder Gun in Kino Der Toten (ZOMBIES) u gotta shoot the mystery box 5 with the Pistol or it will not work, u will get Ray Gun first and after a Thunder Gun I try this 1 time I got Ray Gun first then Thunder Gun I survived 46 rounds solo.

    • nick says:

      it dosent work ive tried all the glitches to get ray gun every one thinks its a cheat its not ive got to round 69 solo with zues cannon and mustage and sally thats how you survive really high do rape trains aroung the stage you should get rarther than any thing uoive done there is no box gltches only if your a hacker

    • Allen Early says:

      you suck because i made it to round 78 with ony the mp40 and olympia without anything but those and you need skills

  25. mounifj says:

    How can unlock moon, ascension, shangri la and call of the dead?

    • Mikhail says:

      Get a job, a credit card, and use the money to buy them. You can see them in the Black Ops Multiplayer menu under STORE.

  26. alaa says:

    how do I get free points?

  27. Sierra says:

    How do you use cheats on the Xbox360 to get better guns ?

  28. sasscopes says:

    how do i get a ray gun every time i use a random box ?? how do u get monkey granades every time i use the random box IN KENO DE TOTAN

  29. Tank Dempsey says:

    Tank Dempsey your worst nightmare!!!!!!!! haha i <3 zombies i finnaly got shangri-la and im loving it sadly i lost my live after so i lost it now if you want to add me…. add JUGER NOG 6054 or Scadorpion….. JUGER NOG 6054 will be my main live account once i get it back…. i've been to round 50 solo but i got bored and a friend rung the doorbell and so i layed down and died!!!!!! the best! combonation for zombies is zeus cannon and mp40 (non packed)… the reason why is because zeus fro not getting stuck and the mp40 for points and pack a punching it is a waste cause u will run out of its ammo packed and have to pay 4500 each round for ammo

  30. kody says:

    howcan i get better guns everytime i get in the mystory box on kino der toten?

  31. chrisrock49 says:

    got to be more cheats

  32. deejay says:

    do u no any glitches for kon di toten

    • UB3R GIR says:

      when playing multiplayer on it have one person lay on the floor another to dolphin dive on top of him/her, an they will both be downed. have them back into each other like there scizoring an when you go to heal one they both will get up,
      when this is done. when you kill zombies power ups will be droped more ofen

    • XxUnDeAdSaRmYxX says:

      I’ve found one so far its in the lobby upstairs where the mystery box is…. face away from the mystery box spot stare at the pretty green lights or somethin….anyways make a crawler when it attacks you jump and push back on the analog stick until your on the railing your definitely untouchable up there works great!!!

  33. chrisjohn12 says:

    how to get unlimited ammo on call of duty black ops zombies (kino der totn)?

    • ArmyKids2012 says:

      this is just rumor u cant get ulimited ammo on black ops zombies unless u figure out a glich or u have it for pc…..srry bout that ill keep on trying to help u but so far i cant find any way to get that perk…ill keep u posted

      • Anthony Lewis says:

        You are wrong i got it for ps3 and i got unlimeted ammo by going to the alley and dolphin dive into that area with trash cans and i actually got unlimited death machine

    • John Cen says:

      you can do that you just need a hack/trainer

    • Nosh says:

      How Bout can u get unlimited Ammo or Never Die tat well be cool on Kino Der Toten I wish though!!!!:(

  34. preston says:

    i love call of duty black ops it is a fun game me and my dad love to play this game all day we had so much fun today it was a fun game to play all day long it was the best best game ever today it is my favret game ever on call of duty black ops i like to play zombs all day long it is fun to play zombs all day

  35. Jeremiah Mendez/Dr Zombie 1997 says:

    R-gas-n 60 50 42 49 52 51 115 25 29…Made up!

  36. bryan lopez says:

    omg i see that there is all tis bunch of number (ex)UFO mode HOST ONLY (v.2) [Seth@WiiPlaza]
    28200F40 XXXXYYYY
    054D1218 12C00000
    E0000000 80008000
    how do u use this codes in the wii

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