Ascension Survival Guide

Black Ops Ascension

The Call of Duty Black Ops recently released new DLC for the Xbox 360 called First Strike. With this release a new zombie map was added called, Ascension. Ascension is the third zombie map for COD Black Ops. The map takes place in a Soviet Cosmodrome. The zombies have overtaken the facility and you are the last remaining survivor.

The map begins in black and white until you manage to turn on the power generator. You have two types of traps available to you, Fire traps and auto turrets. Fire traps will cost 1,000 points. Auto turrets are the same from the Kino Der Toten map and will cost you 1,500 points.

Lunar Landers can be found on Ascension. These Landers will blast you off from any point on the map back to the spawn start for 250 points. A 30 second timer is in place as you have to wait for the Lunar Lander to refuel. The Lander can be called from any location so you can travel between the starting spawn and any location at any time. However, if you have called the Lander to multiple spots, it will randomly travel to one of those spots. While the Lunar Lander is landing, DO NOT stand on the spot where it is landing unless you want to end up dead, or play a cruel trick on your teammate.

Ascension does have a Pack-A-Punch machine just like the previous zombie maps. To unlock the Pack-A-Punch on Ascension, you must use all 3 Lunar Landers. After you have used all three Landers, head back to the power room and flip the switch on the right of it.  Once you active it, stand back and watch a rocket launch off. The Pack-A-Punch room can now be entered.

Ascension does not have Hell Hounds, instead, you have to deal with Space Monkeys. At some round during the map, the screen will turn darker. When this happens the monkeys are coming! Space Monkeys are tricky little bastards because they will steal your perks, which you will need to buy back if you want them back. Max Ammo and a random perk-a-cola are dropped if you manage to kill a Space Monkey before he steals your perk. Max Ammo is also dropped upon the completion of the Space Monkey round.

Ascension Power-Ups

All of the power ups found in Five and Kino Der Toten can be found in Ascension.

  • Insta-Kill – One shot kill zombies for 30 seconds
  • Perk-A-Cola – Random perk from killing a Moneky
  • Nuke – Kills all zombies in the area
  • Double Points – Earn double the points for 30 seconds
  • Carpenter – Rebuilds all barriers on the map
  • Max Ammo – Completely refills your weapons ammo
  • Fire Sale – Spawns a mystery box to all mystery box locations and reduces cost to 10 points
  • Death Machine – Equips a mini machine gun for 30 seconds

Ascension Perks

Stamin-Up (2,000 Points)

- Run for longer distances.

PhDFlopper (2,000 Points)

- Resistant to damage when falling, explosions caused by yourself, and creates a small explosion when you jump from a high distance.

Quick Revive (500 / 1,500 Points)

- Revives fallen teammates.

Speed Cola (3,000 Points)

- Allows for rapid weapon reloading.

Jugger-Nog (2,500 Points)

- Gives you more health.

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26 Responses to “Ascension Survival Guide”

  1. kyle says:

    i got to level 50 on ascension check it out of you want on youtube kyledoherty12 =]

  2. Karla says:

    The monkeys remind me of the monkey that played the drums or some thing like that on kino der toten,on you-tube I saw an alien space ship too that sucks up all the zombies.O_O

  3. taco says:

    the firesale also makes pack-a-punch 1000 points

  4. d man zzz says:

    for the xbox when you kill the monkeys can you get the award for killing seven test monkey at ounce.

  5. d man zzz says:

    with this map can you get the thundergun

  6. Josh says:

    why does everyone think firesale is a dog tag

  7. Valora says:

    The giant dog tag is also dropped in kino der or after about round 16..we have gotten it many times!

  8. MisS-3yooSh says:

    Thanx you Vere Vere muCh I loVe zombies so much ^ ^ :D

  9. Jeremiah Mendez/Dr Zombie 1997 says:

    If you don’t bye a perk, the monkeys wont spawn in the area.

  10. David says:

    My wife and me and a few friends and family love the cod bo zombies but on ascention I came across a giant dog tag and when I grabbed it it had a small green dollar sign that popped up as a perk but we never figured out what it did does anyone know?

    • =) says:

      It’s called Fire sale and for time it lasts, you can use mystery box in every place it can appear normally and costs only 10. :)

  11. Ryan says:

    how do you make the rocket explode?? this one guy did it and i dint know how he did it.

  12. B-Randon says:

    For your information, There are 4 landers. Get your facts right before you write a guide.

  13. chase says:

    Just open all the doors until you find the landers, just gotta get used to the map. Ascension is probably the easiest zombie map there is.

  14. Robbie cavicchi says:

    where ARE ALL 3 LANDERS?!?!?!?!? why can noone answer that!!!!!!!!!

    • =) says:

      To find one lander, after beginning room go up and open door. Go thourh it and turn to left, open door, go straight. then turn right and open door, go through it and you should see one lander. Other lander is at beginning room. For third lander, go up at beginning room, turn right and go straight, then go up stairs and theres 3rd lander. For fourth lander go from third lander down stairs, go straight, then open door and go straight. Open next door, turn right after it, go stairs up and go straight, then turn left go up and open door. Then just move on tunnel and after speed cola it’s behind wall in front of you. Just go either side of it to see final lander :P

  15. Kelly Zak says:

    My wife and I are pretty much addicted to COD BO zombies, we play kino der toten and the new ascension levels. When you play 2 player split screen (non-online) are Nikolai and Tank the only characters available to play for both? gets kinda boring playing as the two, can you also play as Taekeo and the good Doktor? Or is it just tank and nik?

    • Royal says:

      when playing multiplayer. . .
      Player 1-Dempsey
      Player 2-Nikolai
      Player 3-Takeo
      Player 4-Richtofen

      on solo you get your chartacter randomly

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