Call of the Dead Guide

Call of the Dead Guide

Finally! Here is a guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of the Dead that will help you get to round 50! With the release of the new Black Ops Zombies Escalation DLC pack, a lot of people are struggling to survive and reach the higher rounds. Well not anymore. You should find the methods in this survival guide are easy to master and can guarantee you will survive to the higher rounds.


UPDATED:  View Complete Call of the Dead Guide

We also included a video so you can watch the methods mentioned below in action.

To get to round 20 as a starting point before you do this tecneique is straight forward in it’s self, but i shall explain briefly how to do it. In the starting two rounds stabbing the zombies is the best option after buying quick revive. You want to save your pistol ammo to use for round three or four. Any death machines would be best used for killing George (the big guy with an eletric stage light). When you find yourself starting to become overrun by zombies, head for the ship. Purchase the MPL and open the door leading to the zip-line. Do NOT turn on the power. All you have to cover is the stairs and one window for zombie attacks. If you get overrun by zombies, or George makes an appearance, jump onto the zip-line and cruise to safety. This should get you enough points for juggernaut. Create a crawler when you are unable to hold them off and buy jug by going the bottom way past the PM63. Make sure you do NOT open the top door. Open up the lighthouse and make sure the lighthouse zip-line is active. Kill the crawler you created earlier and wait at the top of the lighthouse. When you get over run, simply jump onto the zipline and make a fast getaway by running to the starting area by going across the ship and jumping down. Run back to the top of the lighthouse and repeat untill you have enough points to buy PHD Flopper and Speed Cola. Keep repeating this process until you get enough points for the box and keep doing this until you get the Ray Gun.

You can start the advance technique in the video below once you get to this stage.  Hope you enjoy the video and good luck zombie maniacs! If you have any tips you wish to add to this guide, then let us know.

This Call of the Dead Guide was created by Dave the Rave.

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17 Responses to “Call of the Dead Guide”

  1. michael says:

    you ps3? friend request me pgh_killer97

  2. JAG411 says:

    Not sure how to do a video like this but I have a better way to get as far as u would like with no cheats at all. To bad solo mode is not ranked.

  3. STUART KELLY says:

    nice gam of zmbies.any1 no a glitch 2 get raygun & thundergun everytime on kino, ascension or call of the dead????????

  4. UB3R GIR says:

    why hasnt anyone made a map that we can print off of the level?
    showing the price of each door, gun, and perk in the level?

  5. Troy says:

    whats are all of those claymores set up by the ak74u for? and where can you find the claymores?

  6. erik oneil says:

    wow very imressive dave.u obviously are the man.congrats

  7. Brian says:

    On my game, a U.S. copy, I am only allowed five perks on Call of the Dead. Is my memory at fault or are there fundamental differences between respective regions of the game?

    • JAG411 says:

      Actually u only can have 4. Every time u kill George “the glowing zombie” you get a extra perk up to a total of 8 now with the add on of donkey kick.

  8. hk says:

    you people are seriously sad.

    he got to round 50 without using any cheats of any kind. good job and good guide

  9. reggie says:

    ok i have a question. how do you free the people inside the time machine thing? me and my friends could not figure it out and it frustrated me deeply! and once you do free them, what happens?

    • Juan says:

      It takes several steps 2 complete (can b done on solo or co-op). When u r finished, u will get the lightning bolt power-up. It works like the death machine (u get it the same way 2) except that u get the wunderwaffle dg2

  10. Jesse says:

    LOL you used so many cheat codes you forgot how to spell legit

    • dave says:

      you honestly think i cheated… oh well. i promise i didnt bud thats how you get to that round doing what i showed in the vid. try it out mate. it works

  11. Jacob says:

    this strategy was very helpful thanks me and a buddy of mine not really expert zombie players but me and him did make it to lvl 29 on kino so it kinda speaks for itself but on this map when i bought it it pissed us both off and we stayed up all night that night trying to figure this map out no luck hopefully this strategy helps a little thanks again

  12. jeremiah says:

    hey guys can you telle me when call of the dead comes for ps3 please and thank you

    have a great day

  13. matthew says:

    hey can you tell me the cheat code for that game you just made to round 50?

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