Black Ops Kino Der Toten

Kino Solo Strategy by A Girl

This strategy was provided by Ashley, a COD Black Ops Zombies Fan. For those of you shocked, yes, I am a girl. My whole family plays black ops(even my 6 year old sister). With this strategy, I lasted till level 48. I guess I could have gone longer but I was getting tired, hungry, and [...]

Black Ops Escalation George Romero

How to Kill George Romero

With the release of the new Black Ops Zombies Escalation DLC pack, Treyarch gave us some more zombies to kill in Call of the Dead. One of which is the horror zombie legend himself, George Romero. 

Black Ops Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy – Part 2

This Kino Der Toten strategy was give to us by a fellow member. They put a lot of time and effort into writing this in depth strategy, I felt it had to be given its own dedicated page. Give it a try for yourself and see how well you match up against the zombies using [...]

Black Ops Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy

Xbox gamer: Danbranky, was kind enough to submit his Kino Der Toten strategy for playing solo. His strategy should help beginners manage to survive through the first 7 rounds of Kino Der Toten. His Record Solo: Round 34


General Tips for Surviving the Zombies

Anyone can begin playing the Zombie mode without having to unlock it by playing through the single player campaign. If you dare to jump right in to zombie apocalypse without any strategy for surviving then your chances for survival are greatly diminished. The following is a general guide to help you get started and to [...]