Five Survival Guide

COD Black Ops Zombies Five Map Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode has another map for you to play besides Kino Der Toten. However, before you can begin killing zombies on this next map, you need to do a little work. This map is unlocked by beating the COD Black Ops single player campaign.

The unlocked COD Black Ops Zombie map is called, “Five”, and it takes place in the Pentagon. There are three floors for you to explore. The first is the basement, the second floor is the war room, and on the third (top) floor you have the briefing room.

Here are some COD Black Ops Zombies guide for this map.

Nowhere to Hide Baby

Unlike Kino where you had a small alley, Five does not have such place to defend. The only thing remotely close is access to an elevator. Taking the elevator up or down does provide a moment for you to regroup, reload, and revive. There are two elevators on this map: 1) a freight elevator connecting the War Room and the labs, 2) connects the starting room with the War Room. Option 2, the elevator which connects the starting area to the War Room is the elevator you want to use as your safe zone. The elevators have two entry points so you will need to defend these points. As a bonus perk, just outside the elevator doors in the War Room is access to the SPAS-12 shotgun to purchase. You have easy access to ammo and nice short ride in the elevator when you need a break from all of those zombies.

Another place to try and camp is the Pack-A-Punch room. You can have two people man the windows and two people guard the front door. Grab the juggernaut upgrade right outside the Pack-A-Punch room because this will help you out greatly.

COD Black Ops Zombies Five Map Floor Plan



If you didn’t like all of the running around you had to do to get to the Pack-A-Punch machine on the Kino Der Toten map, then you won’t like getting to Five’s machine either. You need to make your way from the starting room through the hallway and take the elevator down to the War Room. Go down the stairs, pay to clear debris, and go to the freight elevator. You must take the freight elevator down to the labs and locate the power switch. Once the power switch is on, you must head back to the War Room. In the War Room there are DEFCON switches on the wall and you must activate any of the green light switches until you reach DEFCON level 5. Upon reaching DEFCON 5 an alarm will sound and this is your chance to get to the teleporter!

Mad Science

There is a roaming scientist zombie you must watch out for. Although he can not hurt you, he will STEAL your weapon if you get too close to him. He can be killed, but it will take a lot of your ammo to bring him down. Keep your distance and fill his head full of lead. Having upgraded weapons will help drop this zombie scientist faster. Don’t try hitching a ride on the elevator to get away from him. When the scientist is out and about, none of the elevators work so there is no escaping to another floor.

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12 Responses to “Five Survival Guide”

  1. adan says:

    ahhh save most of you money and shoot wisely make a rape train shoot their legs. the zombies can take more shots in the legs when u get down to the lowest make sure u leave a crawler if you do it right you should have around 7000+ by round 5 or 6 go to the box its by chance whatever gun u get it has to be the first cuz itll leave you with 5-6+g’s activate power take urself to the second floor and activate the 4 switches jump into the pack a punch room upgrade the pistols once last zombie comes in kill it. Mad scientist will appear as soon as he comes it shoot all ur grenades at him reload grap the bonfire sale and max amo if your doint this right youll have enought to pack-a-punch the second weapon whatever it may be and boom their u go 2 pack-a-punched guns for 6000 and u can go on the rest figure it out

  2. Saria says:

    I can get to round 30 on Kino der Toten, but I can’t make it past round 8 on Five. Anyone got any suggestions for me??

  3. edgar says:

    i can survive up to level 12 on FIVE, but i can survive up to level 19 in KINO DER TOTEN

  4. eliza says:

    Im better at kino than five.
    i cant get passed level 12 at five cos all the players split up and theres ALOT of zombies everywhere.
    Anyone got higher at five??

  5. Karla says:

    Flying glitch:
    On the top floor,you have to jump on some things to try to jump on the table.I saw it on you-tube.XP

    • Mikhail says:

      It has been patched. For players who have NOT updated, you can do this by breaking the lowest parts on the window with the biggest office inside(it is in the room you start in), then rebuilding. This will not work if you break the whole window down.

  6. Spartan Ex117 says:

    *said like the mad doctor on kino* This map needs more resolution!

  7. Murphy says:

    what about the panic room in five

  8. =) says:

    It’s stakeout not spas-12 :S

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