General Tips for Surviving the Zombies


Anyone can begin playing the Zombie mode without having to unlock it by playing through the single player campaign. If you dare to jump right in to zombie apocalypse without any strategy for surviving then your chances for survival are greatly diminished. The following is a general guide to help you get started and to give you tips for survival.

Safety In Numbers

If zombie movies have taught us anything, it is going out on your own is a very bad idea. So be sure to provide a minimum of 1 friends playing together, ideally two or three is better because strength in numbers. The more people you have, the better your chances at spotting breaches and stopping any weaknesses in your defenses.

Beginner Guns

A great deal of stress in Zombies is due to the limited resources and how to manage them. Each player starts off with a pistol and 500 points. These are enough to invest in both maps to buy a rifle or shotgun. If you choose to purchase one at the start, do not plan on using it until at least round 3 or even round 4. You should try to rely on your knife attacking skills for as long as you can before switching to your gun. The first round of zombies will go down from one swing of your knife, while the second round zombies will need two swipes and the third round will take three knife hits, etc… If you wish to maximize your points, then shoot the zombie 6 times before knifing it back into oblivion.

Managed Breaching

It can be a frightening experience to hear the words “Breach!” shouted through your headset. This means the zombies have broke through your defense barriers and are pouring into your safety zone. With proper planning you can control breaching and use it to your advantage. On the early rounds when zombies fall easily with one or two swipes of the knife, you can cover a window and stab them as they enter. Zombies who have breached will occasionally drop power-ups. You really want that x2 point boost on the early stages.

Use Crawlers to your Advantage

“Crawlers” are referred to as zombies who have their legs blown off and can no longer walk. Instead, these zombies slowly crawl on the floor and are by far the slowest moving zombie. Their extremely slow mobility allows you and your friends to run around and collect ammo and power-ups. The round will not end until all zombies have been killed, so keeping a few “crawlers” alive allows you time to resupply, buy new weapons, and open doors without the faster zombies chasing you. Be careful, because crawlers will die on their own and you and your friends do not want to get caught with your guard down. When you start to hear the round ending music then it’s time to quickly regroup and prepare for the next round.

Random Boxes

Very few guns and ammo are available on the walls of your playing area. They are valuable for their ability to provide more ammo and are the only means to obtain the games most powerful weapon – the alien Ray Gun. Spend the 950 points on the Random Box and see what random weapon it gives you. You do not have to take the weapon and probably shouldn’t if it’s not something useful.

Nova Zombies

These are the deadliest zombies to encounter. They crawl low to the ground making them difficult to spot and they are fast. To make matters worse, they will give off a cloud of toxic gas that will distort your vision when killed by anything other than a knife or your lucky Ray Gun. Play it safe and kill these things before they get too close to you.

Communication is Key

The key to any lasting relationship is Communication. Talk to your partners so you are all aware of what is going on around you. Shout out when there is a breach or if a Nova is crawling around.

If you wish to survive Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies then you must function as a group.

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13 Responses to “General Tips for Surviving the Zombies”

  1. dylan says:

    zombies can be difficult u need a good team or teamate and sometimes its just best to go solo

  2. Chrissss says:

    yeahh um well i’ve gotten to 49 alone solo with only upgrade wall weapons if u think u can beat me or wanna play with me send me a msg. My gamertag os RagingBuffal0 and btw its xbox

  3. Alex says:

    if you packapunch M1911 only used it when there is a lot of zombies like 6+, also use the mistery box until you are satified with what you got

  4. Alex says:

    just packapunch m1911 and you wont die un less you ran out of ammo or you just dont know how to used it
    one of the easiest way to die with M1911 packapunch is to ran out of ammo and get trap.

  5. Jade says:

    yes us girls play zombies to lol

  6. Lindsay says:

    I love Zomies! Me & my husband play it online..we are addicted.

  7. Tyler says:

    If anybody wants to play with me on ps3 my name is ntruax81……….just send a request

  8. Tyler says:

    And Wat do u mEan about open up the map?

  9. Michaela says:

    When is the best time to turn in the power & the best time too open up the map? & do u know any girls that play zombies?! Cause I fell as if i’m the only one! Lolz

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