How to Freeze George Romero

Call of the Dead George Romero

Black Ops zombies fans know how difficult it can be to kill the George Romero zombie on the Call of the Dead map. If you haven’t read our How to Kill George Romero post about how to defeat the evil George Romero zombie, or, if you want something fun to try… then check out this method or glitch to easily freeze George Romero. It looks easy to do and once you manage to freeze George in his tracks he can easily be defeated.┬áSome people have their own way of dealing with zombie George – these guys have theirs.

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12 Responses to “How to Freeze George Romero”

  1. Taylor says:

    Uhmm i wannaa know the cheaat on how to revive yourself ???? it would be nice if thier was a cheat for that uhmm but if there’s not it’s finee

  2. Taylor says:

    It really works.

  3. Rabbit91 says:

    Listen up!!!
    Get vr11 -> pacl-a-punch it the get George to the water where he came out the 1st bit where you start then get him into the water :P then shoot him with the pack-a-punched vr11 then he goes back under the water and he never comes back in the all zombie game play…

  4. jordan says:

    the vr11 is the best gun to use on this map because u can make a train in the bottom of the lighthouse and shoot in front of u then run out the door and blow up zombies and u can get alot of crawlers ive done this and made it to level 30 on xbox360 my gamertag is CUTTINGGUESSWHO all caps if u think ur better than me and want a good game

  5. bob says:

    how do you freeze him tell us more

  6. yourface says:

    lol i need call of dead so i can make my firends invincible somewhat

  7. d man zzz says:

    dose zombie gorge have a weak spot

  8. Jacob says:

    LIE I tried it! All it did was make him mad
    and besides they didn’t get it pack a punched
    it looks exactly the same!

  9. Jacob says:

    I find it Imposible to get the VR11(human gun)
    Do you need it pack a punched or not I just don’t
    get it .Even with GOERGE gone it would
    still be hard it’s supposed to be a challenge

    • Josh says:

      george isnt a problem for me unless i got swarmed by zombies escaped down the zipline and my friend was up there downed and i was dodging zombies on round 32 and he shot george and he went down the zipline and i dodged the zombies succsesfully but all the zombies where in the water so i could calm george so i ran to the light house water but we didnt open that door and i used up all my points on the sickle perks guns and doors and george traped me and so did the zombies i got mad

    • Josh says:

      i also think the vr-11 is a waste of time unless your playing with friends so you can shoot them for invincbility but on solo it is useless

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