How to Kill George Romero

Black Ops Escalation George Romero

With the release of the new Black Ops Zombies Escalation DLC pack, Treyarch gave us some more zombies to kill in Call of the Dead. One of which is the horror zombie legend himself, George Romero. 

His is one tough zombie to bring down and many people are left wondering, “How do we kill George?” There are two ways you can kill George. The first method doesn’t actually kill him, but makes him go away from a couple rounds. The other method does kill him when on land and you will be rewarded.

You can use a Pack-A-Punched VR11 on him to quickly kill him when he is in the water, but using this method does not actually kill George Romero. He retreats under the water and comes back again 2 or 3 rounds later. You also won’t receive any power ups and the “Quiet on the Set” achievement.

If you wish to kill him for good, then you can use a fully upgraded Scavanger sniper rifle with the Headshot perk and kite him around while you continuously empty rounds into him.

This video is a quick summary of what I was just talking about.

This video provides more detailed footage how you can kite George and eventually kill him using conventional weapons, allowing you to get perks and the “Quiet on the Set” achievement.

Please share with us your method to killing the Black Ops zombies George Romero.

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9 Responses to “How to Kill George Romero”

  1. Koday123456789 says:

    All I had to do was play with a friend he killed the zombies well I test stuff on George I found out if you get the first gun you start out with and get max ammo it takes for rounds to kill him (make sure a friend keeps the normal zombies busy

  2. jazzy says:

    add me if u have a ps3 im a girl by the way and my ps3 name is sour1298candy and only if ur 10-13 im 11 and i dont like adding people older or younger

  3. Guys, there are ALOT of ways to kill George, he actually ain’t that hard. You can pretty much take him out with every fucking gun! But using anything else than a raygun or scavenger can take a while. I’m one of those guys that like to find out how to kill him fast and cheap with “easy to get weapons”!
    -What i do, is that i kite either outside or floor number 2 in the lighthouse. When iv’e killed George a few times to get the perks, i just upgrade a VR-11 and get him into the water, then just shoot him? He’ll be gone for quiiiite some time, which makes everything easier.
    Also, i’d advice everyone to get MuleKick, (3 weapons perk is you have the moon map pack) Then you can have the VR-11 for George, raygun and scavenger for the zombies? As easy as that.
    -If anyone needs further guides or help, i’ll be on my playstation.
    Psn; Gigahide.
    Oh, and btw i help on ALL maps. My record on my favourite map Acsension,is 90… So add me if you need any help at all! I will need people on pretty much my level since i might start making videos for youtube when i’m going for the world record on Acsension, which is 166. I’ll be going for 170.
    But as i said, add me! :)

  4. Dominic says:


  5. dread says:

    i killed him with a thunder gun and ray guns3 all imuntaniosly getting head shots so boo hoo ;)

  6. Jacen says:

    Thnx! helped alot! got me to round 34! :D

  7. james says:

    how many ways can you kill george romero

  8. Brooke says:

    Thxs this Helped more then u can ever imagaine :) I love COD nad ima girl so yah tanks:))

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