How to Kill Pentagon Thief

COD Black Ops Zombie Pentagon Thief

The scientist zombie, or “Pentagon Thief” referred by many COD Black Ops Zombie fans, is one tough son-of-a-gun you must eventually encounter on the second zombie map, “Five“. What makes this zombie difficult to kill is not only the amount of ammo he can withstand, but he will also steal the weapon you are using to kill him. It is this act of┬áthievery which dubbed him the name ‘Pentagon Thief’.

If you get frustrated dealing with this guy, fear not, there is a new glitch that will make killing him a lot easier.

Pentagon Thief Glitch

You must have the Quick Revive perk for this glitch to work. When game’s music changes for the Pentagon Thief, all of the players must run to the elevator on the second floor and wait for the scientist to arrive. When he appears you must kill yourself with a grenade. Yes, you will fall to the floor. When you are on the ground you can kill him with a few shots of your gun.

This video will show you how it is done. Skip to 3:45 to see how easily you can kill the scientist zombie.

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6 Responses to “How to Kill Pentagon Thief”

  1. poison98789 says:

    we want the answers of the mistry puzzle in kkino, how we can help samantha and win the map

  2. Theodore says:

    I agree with ally, no zombies come when the theif comes

  3. Jeremiah Mendez/Dr Zombie 1997 says:

    That is a very good strategy but I know one: Have you ever got quick-revive and look behind you and you saw a trap, well if you go to it, it will say “115 ACCESS DENIED” and in the next room where the OLYMPIA is located, there is a trap there to, The only way to get the element 115, you will have to follow these steps:

    1: Have a group of 4 players who know a strategy for the map “FIVE”.

    2: Every one should have about 3000 pts to open and use the elevator.

    3: As soon as you make it to the DEFCON room, Every one should by the MP5K, after every one has the the MP5K, some one who’s has the most points should open the stairs and walk towards the NEXT elevator and if you see the elevator doors walk to the right of the of the elavator{YOU SHOULDN’T BE IN THE ELAVATOR}you should be out side the elavator, look to the right of the elavator, before the elavator doors and look around there will be the 115 piece. Now bring the 115 piece back up stairs where you spawned and put in the trap were the FNL is at and wait until the thief spawns in the map.

    THIEF ROUND 1: The thief has spawn and every one should go to the trap and when he does, turn on the trap and BOOM he’s dead and then you will get a drop-power up of the sign PAP and then every one should be able to go the pack-a-punch machine for 1000, But only 1 PERSON could go.

    Defcons must be activated!

  4. Ally says:

    How are there zombies in this picture because thats not possible as every zombie has to die before he comes.

    • Trinity says:

      No, he usually comes at the beginning or middle of a round, most of the time there are many zombies when he attacks.

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