How to Unlock Dead Ops Arcade

Dead Ops Arcade

If you thought Call of Duty Black Ops zombie mode was the only way to kill hordes of Nazi zombies then think again. Treyarch, the developers of Call of Duty Black Ops has secretly hidden a zombie killing mini-game inside Black Ops, call Dead Ops Arcade.There are two ways you can gain access to Dead Ops Arcade. One method is to use a cheat code, the other is to gain access via a computer in the game.llow these steps to unlock Dead Ops Arcade

You need to get your character to break free from the chair he is restrained to at the opening menu.

1) To break free rapidly hit the trigger buttons.

  • Xbox: LT and RT
  • PS3: L2 and R2
  • Wii: Shake Wii-mote and nunchuck
  • PC: Space bar

2) After you are free, locate the CIA computer.

3) When you find the Central Intelligence Agency computer, use the keyboard near the torture chair and type  DOA.

4) You can now enjoy killing zombies in the Dead Ops Arcade mini-game.

If you’re on the PC you need to press the Spacebar, or if you’re on the Wii then you shake your Wii-mote.

Dead Ops Arcade Cheat Unlock Code

Type in the cheat code 3ARC UNLOCK to unlock Dead Ops Arcade. This cheat will also unlock Zork: The Great Underground Empire, and the “Five” Zombies mode map.

After your first time accessing Dead Ops Arcade it will be found under the list of Zombies maps so you can play it at any time without having to unlock each time.

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    How can I open the door that has a bathroom sign on it?

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