Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy

Black Ops Kino Der Toten

Xbox gamer: Danbranky, was kind enough to submit his Kino Der Toten strategy for playing solo. His strategy should help beginners manage to survive through the first 7 rounds of Kino Der Toten.

His Record Solo: Round 34

Round 1-2: During these rounds only knife the zombies. On round 1 it takes 1 knife and on round 2 it takes 2. There are 4 windows. Check each window frequently until the round is over.

Round 3: Now you can shoot the zombies with your pistol. Try not to get down when a zombie tries to hurt you through a window. If you are being overwhelmed then go to the top stairs and open the door that cost 750 points.

Round 4: If you still have 1000 points left then thats good. Keep on going until you see another door thats 1000 points. Open the door and you’ll be in the Foyer. Try to shoot and knife as much as you can until you can afford the MP40. The MP40 cost 1000. Once you have the gun stay down from the stairs and make sure you can see the 2 windows and both staircases.

Round 5: Stay in the area that I talked about in round 4. Try not to let the zombies in from the windows and guard the stairs as much as you can.

Round 5, 6, or 7: You might have dog rounds. If you face dogs, then a huge fog will cover the whole entire map and dogs that look demented will spawn from lightning bolts that randomly occur anywhere. Try to stay in a corner and shoot the dogs as much as you can because at the end of each wave of dogs you fend off against, the last dog of the wave will drop Max Ammo. The name of the power up says what it does.

Round 6: Do the same thing you did in round 4 and  camp where you see the windows and the staircases. If you ever need more ammo for the MP40 then go to where you bought it and then hold X to buy ammo.

Round 7: At this point, if you 2500 points then open the next 2 doors and you will be in the area called the Stage. Walk/Run along the curtains and you will see a big switch. Go to the switch and hold X near it and the Power will turn on.

Round 7+: Once the power is on then you can go around trying to get better guns or use the mystery box and upgrading guns. Then you can find a strategy from this strategy.

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18 Responses to “Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy”

  1. Dr. Ivan says:

    On round 2 i shoot 4 times and then knife with my pistol and on round 3 depending if you have ammo left for your pistol i shoot a full mag and then knife if no ammo then shoot twice with M14 and then knife. On round 4 i shoot two magazines with M1911 if i got a max ammo and then knife. If not 4 shots with M14 works well. On round 5 i shoot 4 times with M14 and then knife. In between all these rounds I go through the top door. If the mystery box is in any of these rooms then i get a few good guns. You have to be at the stage by round 6 or 7. If you have 3000 or more points, turn on the power and buy the bowie knife. It is a one hit kill until round 10. After that you should have enough points to pack a punch. After all this is done, buy your perks. Quick Revive and Juggernog are the most important. Then if you have an upgraded weapon, bowie knife, and perks you should be fine for the rest of the game. My solo record is 58. If you want to add me as a friend on Xbox my gamertag is Jsnake44.

  2. double G says:

    ok guys the best thing to do is to…..well what i do is that at the first round shoot the zombies 3 timez then knife them.that will give u a total of 130 points in one zombie.keep going till you are in level 3.when u are in level 3 open dores(try to avoid having downs,the less downs you have the better cuz u have less bears to use up,and you have more money).well guys good luke playing.

  3. felix says:

    that is a good strategy guy s but the best strategy to use is the masterbait move it works on all the zombie’s

  4. jack says:

    Im good at multi player but not so much at single player and on multi player I can get to round 16 or 17,on single player i only get to 9 or 10
    so i always go on multi player and i will use your strategy to help me!!!!!!!!

  5. Juan says:

    I think this stratagy is great. I will try this because when i play zombies solo on kino der toten i always die on round 9 sometimes round 10

  6. bob joeman says:

    cool i really suck. made it to round 5 by myself with the quickreivie

  7. Erick Pacheco says:

    Well thanks for the advice but I suck at zombies and I lose by round 4 (solo) and when ibplayed with my cousin who’s good at zombies, we only lasted 7 rounds;that’s how sucky-ish I am and I need more advice because I’m 15 an it’s embarrassing 4 me 2 b suckish at zombies and I enjoy this game, can i please get help or advice from someone :) [ btw: my cousin is 14]

  8. Guys Guys Guys… the best strategy is this… restart untill the random box is in the bottom first or second rooms, then get random boxes untill you are satisfyed with your wapons and buy in to the stage and turn on the power. wait for the teleporter to turn green and then connect it. go through the teleporter when the round is about 1/4 done and chuck grenades and shoot from there, then wait for it to teleport then sprint to the alley and the zombies will only come out from one door and you can shoot them all. do this every round and by about round 12 you should have enough for a pack a punch and by round 20 you schould have both guns pack a punched and should have a wonder weapon.

    • Juan says:

      Not 2 rain on your parade but its not really a stratagey since u keep restartin the game 2 get near the mystery box.

  9. total zombie crasher!!! says:

    you guys no nothing bout zombies… first of all you need to do the first bit of the strategy but only open the door when you have 4000 at least. buy an mp40 and stakeout. stay here till the end of round 6 and head into the theatre and flip the power on. buy jugg and quick revive and run around the stage pwning zombs. when you have enough before round 11 PaP your stakeout and carry on from here upgrading and buying mystery boxes.

  10. Happyslappyjuggalo says:

    Well This All Helps, But The Best Way To Make It To Round 50+ You Should Keeps Restarting The Game Until The Random Box Is In The Next Room DownStairs. If You Do This You’ll Most Likely Get Good Gun’s, But In My Opinion This Is A Good Stradegy. I’ve Use This Method Alot Of Times And Made It To Round 68 (No Glithch) Just Only Survivng With Pack-A-Punched Gun’s And All My Perks.

  11. will carnes says:

    ok so round 1-3 use only n knife.round 4 buy quick revive and m14.then once you get about 5000-6000 points open the two top doors. trade m14 for the mp60 keep your pistol so you can up grade it.stay in that room running around till you get 6000 points again then open next door and turn on around till you get 10000 and up to swap mp60 with m16 then turn on teleporter and pack a punch m16 and pistol.then kill alot of zombies until you get 2500 more points buy juggornog {asap}.that should get you to atleast round30. then locate mystery box and replace pistol. buy ammo for m16.and the rest is for you to get though.

  12. Lucas says:

    don’t swap your M1911 pistol for any-other gun, ray gun or not you can forget about it, because when you pack-a-punch the M1911 pistol it becomes “mustang and sally” the two grenade launching pistols.
    I think the full list is:

    M1911 = Mustang & Sally
    Python = Cobra
    CZ75 = Calamity
    CZ75 Dual Wield = Calamity & Jane

    MP5K = MP115 Kollider
    AK74u = AK74fu2
    PM63 = Tokyo & Rose
    MPL = MPL-LF
    MP40 = The Afterburner

    HK21 = H115 Oscillator
    RPK = R115 Resonator

    M16 = SkullCrusher
    M14 = Mnesia (i think)
    Famas = G16-GL35
    Galil = Lemantation
    AUG = AUG-50M3
    Commando = Predator
    G11 = G115 Generator

    Olympia = Hades
    SPAZ-12 = SPAZ-24
    HS10 = Typhoid & Mary
    Stakeout = Raid

    Dragunov = D115 Disassembler
    L96A1 = L115 Isolator

    China Lake = China Beach
    M72 LAW = M72 Anarchy

    Freeze gun = Winter’s Fury (or other way round i forgot)
    Ray Gun = Porters X2 Ray Gun
    Thundergun = Zeus Cannon
    Ballistic Knife = The Krause Refibrillator
    Crossbow = Awful Lawton

    • =) says:

      Lucas you forget from list spectre, which will turn out to Phantom after upgrade. AlsoIt’s Krauss Refibrillator no krause. Freeze gun is Winter’s howl and uprgaded Winter’s Fury. EPC WN not epic win.

      And now for the title of this topic: that guide is good for beginners. You can read about it here.

    • jeremy says:

      Freeze gun actually winters howl pac-a-punch=winters fury

  13. jonathan destman says:

    Great strategy! This worked so well, the MP40 lasted me until round 7, i then purchased a gun from the mystery box, which was in the door that’s after the room with the two windows/after you go down the stairs. I got a G11, which replaced my M1911 pistol, and it was great and even better when i upgraded it to a “G115 Generator”, and i also swapped my MP40 for a python and upgraded it to a “cobra”, which was so amazing. I did great for the first time and survived until round 46. Great strategy!!

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