Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy – Part 2

Black Ops Kino Der Toten

This Kino Der Toten strategy was give to us by a fellow member. They put a lot of time and effort into writing this in depth strategy, I felt it had to be given its own dedicated page. Give it a try for yourself and see how well you match up against the zombies using this strategy.

If you are having a hard time advancing beyond round 10 in Black Ops zombies, or if you are looking for alternative strategies, then I recommend this strategy for people who want to solo 30+. I made it yesterday to round 33 and was doing well, then I had to go so could probably soloed 40+ :/ But this is how I made it to 33 and could have gone longer.

First rounds I camped at the beginning room, knifed and shoot with my pistol. At the moment I had around 3000 points, so I moved forward and bought MP40. Then I stayed on that room for a few rounds. Then I moved to the stage and put electricity on. After that I bought jugger-nog and quick revive. Then I simply tried box few times and used weapons I got from there. And here starts at around round 10 my tactics, which you’ll be using for whole solo.

1. Before round ends, link teleporter.
2. Go to box, if you want. I’d not recommend this if you have any other weapon than launcher, crossbow or ballistic knife and you have some ammo on it.
3. Kill last zombies left.
4. When rounds begins, go to teleporter. Do NOT teleport yet!
5. Shoot zombies appearing and stay in teleporter.
6. When zombies start surrounding you, then teleport.
7. In safe room, there you can shoot zombies safely for 30 seconds, or upgrade your weapon to something better. There you can also buy grenades from wall. You should throw a few down for crawlers.
8. After you get teleported away from there, check if you went to odd room. There could be power-ups around(nuke, max ammo, double points, fire sale,repair,insta kill) so look around. After a little time you will be teleported to the beginning room.
9. Check shortly if behind you or next to you for zombies. If there are, and your on round below 20, you could kill it or them. If your above, skip this.
10. Look forward to hall and shoot zombies, there will be lot coming.
11. When they are close to you, go upstairs.
12. Start moving SLOWLY around the theater and piling zombies behind you. Dodge zombies if they come in front of you.
13. Keep moving, until you see no more zombies anywhere else than behind you.
14. Now, shoot them with your weapon.
15. Always leave few zombies and check if there’s any crawlers left.
16. If there’s crawlers, kill standing zombies. If not, try to make crawlers if you have grenades.
17.When round is almost completed, if you have a weapon with low ammo and don’t want to upgrade it, go buy weapon off wall or go to box.
18. After replenishing ammo by new weapon or off wall, look how much money you have. If you have over roughly 10.000, I’d recommend you to buy perks you don’t have yet.
19. Buy perks in following order(it doesn’t really matter much but they are good as this imo): quick revive, jugger-nog, speed cola and double tap.
20. Now, go link teleporter if it’s ready for that. If not, go repair some windows for waiting time.
21. Finish the zombies left after making all ready for next round.
22. And now you know what you should do: Shoot zombies, teleport, shoot them, start circuiting and piling zombies behind, and shoot. Simply.
23. This is easy, but now on 20+ rounds many players get stuck on something. In the theater there are many things you can get stuck or surrounded by zombies. So, you should go once around the theater and look for dangerous spots.
24. In my opinion, these are places you should be careful:
Pm63 room, stairs down to MP40(small room), MP5K room and on other route you should not even go since it’s alot smaller to move.
25. And finally, you should have all perks, good weapons, alot of money. Now consider buying bowie knife and claymore. They are small good things for certain places. Bowie is good for killing dogs. For insta-killing normal zombies, it’s quite slow. Claymore gives you few points for 2 claymores every round for free after purchasing it off wall.
26. And now you see money piling in. You have 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, 75.000… At these amounts of money, you could go box and uprgade anything you get from it after emptying it’s ammo :)
27. For weapons: I’ve myself noticed that these are good weapons to get points off-wall: MP40, MP5K, AK74u, M16. But don’t upgrade them since you would lose money(upgraded ammo costs 4500) and they are not for fast killing: rather for lots of points. Note that you can use your other weapon while buying ammo, you don’t have to switch it.
28. After getting lots of points, you should try box every while. For an example, get HK21, then shoot with it until no more ammo. Now, don’t wait for max ammo to fill it, instead go upgrade it and you get hefty 900 ammos for uprgaded version. After this upgrade version is empty, go again to box.
29. At later rounds, you should focus for getting from box after any assault rifles or sub-machine guns, cymbal monkeys since these can make you escape from sure death. Also, you better have weapon to switch if you need to kill fast zombies, not to get points.

There are only few weapons to help you in close-death:

Raygun – This is good until around round 20. After it, it starts weakening. It’s good on low rounds, but be careful: shooting close zombies can make you suicide. And it’s damage isn’t very amazing at latter rounds. After emptying it, upgrade to Porter’s X2 Raygun. This version has more dmaage and ammo. But still, be careful not to kill yourself with it.

Crossbow – This sounds pretty useless weapon, but after upgrade, it comes Awful Lawton. If you shoot with this, it will be stuck on anything it hits, and zombies go “dance” around it until it explodes after approx. 5 seconds. It’s good to move zombies focus from you to something else for short time.

Thundergun – My favourite weapon. It has infinite damage, so it kills all zombies at position you shoot with it to about 10 meters. It’s very good for prevent getting stuck in example, corners. You should keep this if you get it from box. However, it has low ammo(12 stock + 2 available to be shot with, then it must be reloaded)so don’t use it too often. Only at case of dying. If it runs out of ammo, upgrade it to ZeusCannon. This one has more ammo(24 stock and 4 for shooting, then must be reloaded)and can kill zombies more far.

And finally for weapons to use for gathering points from box:

FAMAS – Runs fast out of ammo, especially with double tap but it’s still good for fast points. When runs out of ammo, your choice upgrade or get something other. If you want fun, upgrade to G16-GL35, which has more damage, ammo and bigger magazine. Rate of fire is still problem.

AUG – Good for getting points. After upgrading, it comes AUG-50M3 with better range, damage, and magazine + masterkey underbarrel shotgun for close range killing.

Commando – Another great assault rifle for points. After upgrade, it comes Predator with more damage, ammo and bigger magazine.

Galil – Probably best assault rifle for getting points. It has hefty 320 ammunition as normal. Very good for getting points. If you run out of ammo, proceed to upgrade to lementation. Afetr upgrade, it has 490(!) stock, more damage and red dot sight.

FN FAL – I hear you to say this one is crappy and should not used. But, I don’t think so. I tested it myself and saw it’s impressively good. After upgrade, it comes EPC WN(almost EPIC WIN :P )with burst, red dot sight and nice ammunition. It’s fun to use.

G11 – Great to gather points, even it’s burst weapon. After upgrade, it comes G115 generator with full-auto mode, more damage and ammo.

HK21 – Best weapon for points: It’s light-machine gun, lot of ammunition, and good damage. Lasts long. After upgrade, even better ammo.

RPK – Little less ammo than HK, but faster rate of fire. Also extremely good for gathering points both un-upgraded and upgraded.

And of course you can use anything you want, it’s up to you and game is made to be fun.

Finally, you know now weapons, perks, strategy. But at high rounds weapons all except thundergun becomes almost useless. So at points you see you need whole magazine of LMG to kill one zombie, you should use traps and machine guns around theater.

Easter eggs: Did you know there’s also other things you could do than kill zombies? You could find easter eggs: hidden funny things. There are few in Kino, which I know.

Music – You need to find 3 pieces of meteor and click square or X depending on are you playing on PS3 or Xbox.

They are in following places:

  1. First in starting room, on corner next to down hall door. There’s white thing and click on it top black thingy to get it.
  2. Next in MP5K room, at corner behind MP5K pillar, on chair.
  3. Final one on Ak74u route, last room before opening door to theater, next to window is book case. There you can find it. After activating last one you can hear song for few minutes. However, it cannot re-activated :/

Film – After teleporting out of upgrade room, look around for old film, similar to used in cinema. Click square or X to obtain it. Next time, when you go to upgrade room, click same button when next to projector and film goes in. When at down hall, you can see pictures.

Rocket – one room after teleport, your in room with table and projector. Click square or X next to rocket and it flies away.

And now, last section for newbies:

Power-Ups: Sometimes these appear after killing zombie. Go thorugh it to obtain.

Nuke – Nuke picture floating in air

Kills every zombie in map. Does not affect zombies that haven’t spawned yet. Gives you 400 points.

Insta-kill – Skull floating in air

Lasts for around 30 secs. During this time, zombies die for anything you hit them with: knife, one bullet, grenade, etc. Best to knife now or shoot if lot of zombies there.

Double points – 2x floating in air lasts for 30 secs.

During this time, everything you hit zombies, points you get are doubled. For example: knife zombie, and it dies, you would normally get 130 pts. Now you get 260 pts! Shooting zombie or hitting them and not killing: 20 pts. Nuke gives normally 400 pts, now 800! This is nice to combine with insta-kill, if you manage to do it, every knife you do kills zombie at any round and gives you 260 points!

Repair – Hammer in air.
I say this crack-tack since I can hear sound like that when it’s activated. Repairs every un-repaired window in map once. Gives 200 pts.

Max ammo – Ammo box floating in air
Gives you maximum ammo for everything you have: 4 grenades, 4 cymbal monkeys(if you have them already obtained),2 claymores, and maximum ammunition to weapons and attachments with them such as grenade launchers on upgraded m16. Remember to reload before taking it, since it only gives back your stock ammo, doesn’t reload.

Fire Sale – Ticket floating in air
Lasts for about 30 secs. During this time, there’s mystery box in every spot possible on map. Also, box costs only 10 points. You should really try during this time to get anything good.

Well, here was my guide. I hope it helps and remember: if you only get to round 22 or so with many tries, don’t give up! At certain time, you will get better and some day you could go round 70 or so! Practice makes champion! =) And don’t forget Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is meant to be fun!


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18 Responses to “Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy – Part 2”

  1. Cath says:

    What do all the machines do?
    By machines I mean the “quick revive” “jugger naught” ect

  2. bobby says:

    i do the same thing on solo last about 26 rounds

  3. d man zzz says:

    dose anyone know who the guy in the blank portrait is

  4. ITZA GLITCH says:

    This is sorta a cheat but if you want to see all the different zombies and see how hard the higher levels are you can be invicnible by going to the theatre, kill almost all of the zombies, except for a crawler you go up the stairs where the turret is and face away from the turret, wait for the crawler to attack you and as soon as he does jump, and pull back on the analog stick and you can stay up there on the edge and be invincible. You don’t even have to kill zombies either if you don’t want they will eventually disappear. The rounds go by fast and you don’t have to do anything! Hope this helps for people having trouble with Kino Der Toten.

  5. Mikael Rivera says:

    If you have an upgraded weapon, can you buy ammo from the stock weapon that is the upgraded weapon?

    • Anonymous says:

      yes,if you buy a weapon from the wall then upgrade it, you can later buy ammo for the upgraded weapon from the same place on the wall, but it costs a little bit more than ammo for the un-upgraded weapon.

  6. Reikou says:

    no need for quick revive on solo

    • =) says:

      Well it gives you “another try” if you get trapped so I’d buy it always when soloing =)

    • Juan says:

      Quick Revive is essencial to every solo zombies game. Its better if u use it so that way u dont have to worry about bein overwhelmed.

      • 1f says:

        Past about level 20, revive is useless. Jugger nog’s gone after you die and most of the time, you won’t make it back to either of those power ups without getting hit twice. Use mule kick so you can have the upgraded crossbow and zeus cannon for “oh s***” moments and keep an un-upgraded wall weapon so you can build up points without having to spend 5k on more ammo. use those points for traps, traps, and more traps. You have to pump a ton of rounds into a zombie to kill it past 40 or so, so again, use those traps. You’ll have plenty of points for that if you stick to the cheap weapon.

  7. alec parker says:

    The location of the three meteorites is…
    1. In the starting room, on a waist high white pillar by the zombie entrance closest to the theatre doors…
    2. In the last room before theatre, on ak47u route, take a couple of rights once you enter the room with the two zombie entrances, and on a book shelf about waist high amongst a bunch of letters is another piece…
    3. In the mp5k room, there are some mannequins in a corner, behind them there is another white pillar, like in the first room, this time with the top knocked off…

    I’ve also got a question…

    By the quick revive, there is a red fuse box, that when you touch it, it opens up, you can knife it as well… sparks, pretty much letting you know you hit it… there’s another one in the theatre by one of the zombie doors, and another(however this one is green and has a little man crossed out on it) is right by the fence door you open to proceed to theatre through ak47u route… any ideas?

    I also noticed that in the back half of the pm63 room that if you press your action button, on anyone of the portraits in there, including the blank one, whatever character your playing as will respond accordingly…
    thought that was cool… :P

  8. Nathan says:

    request Pvt_Ken_Demark when you get a ps3

  9. Jeremiah Mendez says:

    Where does the rocket fly off to?

    • Jeremiah Mendez/Dr Zombie 1997 says:

      Do you play Xbox Live and if you do what is your gamertag?, Mine is Dr Zombie 1997. Spell it the same way it is and with the spaces and the capazilation{IF YOU HAVE A XBOX 360}.

    • =) says:

      Up until you can’t see it but it does nothing; it’s just funny looking

  10. =) says:

    Thanks for giving my guide whole page! That was nice to see!

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