Kino Der Toten Survival Guide

Kino Der Toten Guide

The following is a guide to Kino Der Toten, a Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map. These map specific strategies should help COD players gain an edge when faced with zombie hordes.

Hold Up!

Kino Der Toten has a great place to setup your defense. It is a small alley which provides great cover from attacking zombies and is only a few rooms past the theater. You will find some claymores on the wall opposite the power switch. Open the door next to the power switch and go through the next set of rooms until you reach stairs. Go down the set of stairs to the alleyway. Do not open the fence. If you do, this will allow zombies to attack you from the fence you just opened. Keeping the fence closed forces the zombies to attack from two entrances. The first spot is from the stairs you just took down and another spot is the window to the right of the stairs.

Release the Hounds

If you played Call of Duty: World at War then you will be familiar with the hellhounds. These dogs appear around every 5 rounds and you will know they are coming because the game’s background music will sound different. Don’t expect any zombies to come with these dogs. The hellhounds get their own round free of zombies. The best strategy for defending against these dogs is to use your shotgun and aim for their heads. If you can, purchase claymores and set them up in a line going across. Stay behind your freshly laid out land mine field and blast these puppies in the head. The last dog to die will drop a Max Ammo bonus, so be sure you and your friends reload their weapons before picking it up.

Weapon Upgrades

You will want to take advantage of this map’s Pack-A-Punch machine. With a thought out strategy you can get to this machine fairly easy. You will need to flip the activator switch in the starting room, but in order to do that you need to activate the power in the theater. To do so, you will start in a room on the second floor with a set of double doors. Work your way through the double doors and proceed through the rooms ahead, unlocking any doors along the way until you get to the theater.

Located near the purchasable M16 you will find the power switch. Flipping the switch will raise the theater curtain. Jump off the stage and go to the opposite end of the room. You will need to pay to open the last set of doors and in doing so will open up to the starting room. Now you can flip the switch. Head back to the theater’s stage and the teleporter will be ready and waiting for you. It will teleport you to a room with the Pack-A-Punch. Don’t waste any time here because you only have 30 seconds to upgrade your weapons.


Kino Der Toten Map

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24 Responses to “Kino Der Toten Survival Guide”

  1. Benito says:

    Hi guys Who want
    to play with me on ps3 kino der toten my psn is benx2r4

  2. Benito says:

    Hoy do you Get the Song in kino is it from the rocks by the way where aré the rocks

  3. john says:

    i need to finish the Easter egg i know 2/4 of it i need help.

    • Benito says:

      Do you hace it for ps3 so se can play together online What is your ID so i can send you a friend request on the ps3for kino

  4. Spiderguy2251 says:

    My strategy is to use the bowie knife, it helps alot, I had 10,000 points throughout rounds 11-14. The best inventory for Rounds 10 or lower is The MP-40 and the Stakeout. After Round 10, or when you reach to the stage, switch to your stakeout. Only use the mp40 to gather points if you’re at rounds 20+, always buy the jugger-nog first no matter what, it is the most important perk on black ops zombies.

    Basically you always have to keep running no matter what. Use the Ray gun when theres a massive mob of zombies, you will most likely get a crawler. Only use the Thundergun if you’re cornered, or for Serious problems, or as in Emergencies. I advise you to use the monkey bombs when someone is down, or throw grenades at them so you can make crawlers alot easier.

    I made it to Round 28 using my strategy, always remember to use the mystery box, you might need it sooner or later. When you see a Max Ammo, reload all your weapons and get it, you’ll have the most out of it.

    Hope this helped, My PSN is Spiderguy2251 if you want to play with me.

  5. gigiuhbgi says:

    the highest Ive gotten to is 21 but i have gotten all of the meteors once and this is where they really are
    1st in the starting room the space under the chandelier to the right it looks like a shiny thing about waist height

    2nd in the room after the ally (open the gate) very back by the windows go to the red looking barrier and look to the left theirs a metal shelf
    its on the left side

    3RDin the dressing room theres a very dark room as you turn left by the door looks like broken glass
    hope it helps

  6. Cameron says:

    Hey I am having trouble on zombies. I made it through the game in a day but i cant get past round 7 on zombies. I have several questions.

    Is there any way to get on top of anything so you can get away from zombies?

    Whats the easiest way to kill multiple zombies coming at you at once?

    Does anyone have some helpful information that could help me out with this?

    • Scott says:

      A good way to kill a lot of zombies at once is to use either the boom gun or the monkey bomb. You can use the teleporter to get away from the zombies while killing them for a limited amount of time.

  7. Jake says:


  8. Jake says:

    you can buy upgraded ammo off the wall for 4500 points. it’s the upgraded gun’s ammo.

  9. charles says:

    well your wrong about suicide alley.there are 3 zombie points in that area if you leave the gate shut. there is the door you opened, the window, and there is a drop point on the roof above the random box location. for the zombies the best plan is to be in the teleporter and use it when the zombies become to much. then buy and throw as many grenades as you can. then when you come back to the starting room most of the zombies should be heading in a line for you. then you run the track..

  10. Andrew says:

    how do u get the upgradeable ammo for the guns u buy off the walls

    • tom says:

      you dumbass upgraded ammo is pack a punhed ammo!!

    • kadeem says:

      u jus go 2 da pac a punch room. this is located after u turn da power on back stage, den the big machine called da teleporter, link it wit da pad datz located n da beginning of da game, nd go back 2 da teleporter nd teleporte, turn around nd da machine is bhind u but u need 5000 points. hope dis is wat ur tlkn bout.

    • Jake says:

      u buy all the ammo you can hold then u pay 4500 points for pack a punched ammo. NOT the packa-punched gun, just the ammo

  11. guywithnoname says:

    i teleported with 2 other players to the pack a punch room after i was taken to a room with a monkey bomb thingy on the bed i pressed select and got a weird symbol on the bottom of my screen 6 circles arranged in a circle anyone know what that is, anyone came across it? if you have wht does it do?
    oh and final question why does the wii freeze on zombies when in a good game? never o anything else just zombies

    • gigiuhbgi says:

      its a film reel next time you do the teleporter go up to the projector and press and hold action it will project a video on the theater screen its hard to hear though

  12. vincent says:

    Some people that have trouble with hellhounds, can use a glitch. On both the stairs in the theater(those on the stage) are lying some white chairs and wood.
    if there are dogs coming, go to these stairs stand on the wood and chairs while looking down then turn around and if youre standing on the right spot it looks like youre standing in the air the dogs wont see you and you can kill them easily.
    (my english may not be very good but i hope you can read it =)

  13. alec parker says:

    The location of the three meteorites is…
    1. In the starting room, on a waist high white pillar by the zombie entrance closest to the theatre doors…
    2. In the last room before theatre, on ak47u route, take a couple of rights once you enter the room with the two zombie entrances, and on a book shelf about waist high amongst a bunch of letters is another piece…
    3. In the mp5k room, there are some mannequins in a corner, behind them there is another white pillar, like in the first room, this time with the top knocked off…

    I’ve also got a question…

    By the quick revive, there is a red fuse box, that when you touch it, it opens up, you can knife it as well… sparks, pretty much letting you know you hit it… there’s another one in the theatre by one of the zombie doors, and another(however this one is green and has a little man crossed out on it) is right by the fence door you open to proceed to theatre through ak47u route… any ideas?

    I also noticed that in the back half of the pm63 room that if you press your action button, on anyone of the portraits in there, including the blank one, whatever character your playing as will respond accordingly…
    thought that was cool… :P

    • Mikhail says:

      I always thought there was a secret behind the shutter boxes, but they don’t do anything but entertain little kids. Treyarch screwed it up for us.

  14. =) says:

    For okay guide made by me:

    (This guide has been moved to the Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy.)

  15. Relaxedattitude says:

    This strategy is missing a lot of details on things like the Mystery Box, the Bowie Knife and the drink machines.

  16. Cole says:

    Hey Kate! The films that you see in Kino are an Easter Egg. Just like items you would find to play the music within the level. The films will show up on the movie theater screen once you have teleported to pack-a-punch and put the film in. Now I can not tell you where all the films are at in the rooms, which I am sorry about that. But if you are very desprate and want to witness this Easter Egg, then I would highly suggest to either Google or Youtube the locations of the films. Unless you want to keep playing Kino over and over and attempt to find all the films (Like I have awhile back, but then forgot where some were.) But also they are in the rooms that represent the stories of Nazi Zombies. I had to look this one up on the web as well. But I love Zombies so dearly much, it is probably the only reason why I have bought Black Ops. Now I don’t know if you have heard of a new map pack that is coming out, Escalation. Which will have a new zombie map, that will be a “new world” it scares me, but makes me soo anxious to play it! So I hope I have helped, sorry no one responded, I was on here to see any updates on the map packs and MW3.

  17. Kate says:

    When you are on Kino Der Toten and you get all of the films what happens? I have heard different things about what happens when you get all the films and I would like to know what happens. Also how many films are there? I heard that there are 4 is that true? I can never find all of them, I can always get 3 of them but never 4, why is that? I so know that all of the films are in the rooms that you go in after you use the transporter, but still can never find a 4th film. I need these answers asap thank you!

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