Kino Solo Strategy by A Girl

Black Ops Kino Der Toten

This strategy was provided by Ashley, a COD Black Ops Zombies Fan.

For those of you shocked, yes, I am a girl. My whole family plays black ops(even my 6 year old sister). With this strategy, I lasted till level 48. I guess I could have gone longer but I was getting tired, hungry, and too lazy to just make a crawler.Level 1: Get your quick revive. By doing this, you have a guarnatee you will be revived by the game. The maximum times you can get quick revive is 3. After that, your on your own. Also, there are random perks. The nazi flag, shot the very center once, then shank it time you hear a PING. You will then get more zombies. The first zombie that comes to you, let him through the window. You will get a max ammo. Next, go over by the quick revive and to the left on the wall, there is a red box. Shank that till you hear a PING and you will have more crud such as Fire Fail, Max Ammo, Instant Kill, Nuke.

Level 2: Stay alive. Try not to get down because you will definately be in need of revives in the higher rounds.

Level 3: By this time you will probably need a gun, so get the gun at the top of the stairs.

Level 4: Sometimes, just to be safe I open the top door. Then the room to the MP40 at once. Dogs will be coming soon.

Level 5: DOGS! Maybe. Get the MP40. In case you do go down, immediately go get your quick revive. Do not stay in a corner for anthing. Not for dogs, zombies, or crawlers.

Level 6: The doors can always be an escape/emergency exit. Just make sure you have the points.

Level 7: Once the door to the room in between the MP40 room and the stage is open, I suggest you do not stay in there. Open the stage.

Level 8: Keep on going until you can’t go no more on the stage. Open the curtains. Connect the teleporter to the main stage. Get your Jugger Nog. Do not EVER open the door being the teleporter. You will be ruined if you are using my strategy. If you wish to go through the alley or the oher room the box can be in, open the door in the back of the lobby on the left and it will take you through. I promise.

Level 9: By now depending on how much you savor your points, you shouldn’t pack-A-Punch. Keep saving. Try the mystery box for Monkey Bombs, HK21, & Thunder Gun. Those and the claymore’s keep me alive.

Level 10: Get all your perks. You should have Quick Revive, Double tap(for your HK21), Speed Cola, and Jugger Nog.

Get your HK21 and Thunder Gun upgraded. You are now Golden.

Level 15+:It’s startin to get hot and heavy. TIME FOR THE MAIN STRATEGY. My plan(i’ve seen it used but I’ve tweaked it a bit) is that you start on the stage going clock-wise. This is why that back door cannot be opened or else the zombies will rape you from the back. Make your way around the stage so your going in a circle.

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49 Responses to “Kino Solo Strategy by A Girl”

  1. memar3 says:

    round 114. quick revive, jug, speed, mule. thunder gun, mustang&sally, any gun. run circles on stage till all zombies r grouped together. run to trap near jug. activate and run circle in first lobby, once all r gathered again run to next trap(upstairs). activate and run to stage. repeat. only fire weapons to gain points used for traps. you go down you use cymbol monkey into a corner, one shot from zeus, and run for jug.

  2. Austin says:

    Ive got to round 145..

  3. ehsan says:

    excuse me , i think we must upgrade thunder gun in 25th level
    and if ammo finished we must do nothing!!!!
    i have level 28 and i get u some suggestions
    1- get ak-47 and thunder gun and monkey bombs i say ak-47 cuz u can buy ammo from alley
    2-upgrade your ak-47 in level 18-21
    3-buy claymores
    4-teleports ready !!!!!!!!!
    5-upgrade your thunder gun in level 23-26
    6-now you are best !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zecaseo says:

      just to say one thing, it’s the AK74u not the ak47. I don’t know why this was the one thing I decided to comment on, but it just bothers me

  4. shaun says:

    any one know about the theifer zombie in five well if you dont heres a stratige when on the second floor get to the elavatoir and wait for him to come make sure you have a granade blow your self up with the granade and then shoot him it truly worked for me

  5. shaun says:

    i made it to level 84 before and it was hard as hell i had niquil hell hounds zombies crawling zombies anything you can think of with out a strategie

  6. joe says:

    I must be really stupid anyway I just started playing and I tried doing what you said about getting those first couple of perks but i cant figure it out.And what do u mean by shank?? Please help

  7. Craige Shady Slater says:

    I like the strategy. I use a very similar one….. Got a tip. Bowie Knife.. How come No-one mentions the Bowie Knife. That Blade is leathal. Try buyin it, it dont count as extra weapon either.

  8. ALAN says:


  9. jake says:

    to get the ray gun 1 find the mystrey box 2 once u get it shoot the left corner

  10. josh says:

    see i always just open all the doors (not the theater) and get the rpk and hk21 then once i have 7500 i open the theater get juga nog and fortify then just keep runung around the whole map but i only made it to 45

  11. batman says:

    how to get double sword?

  12. Rabbit91 says:

    Hi. I did know that strategy a lot time ago, and i had lots of waves done.
    But with 3 people me and my other 2friends but the truth is I’m a glitching person :P which means I still know lots of glitches on nearly every map and our strategy is im going into the glitch with the pack-a-punched bullistic knife and with another gun and stay there for the rest of the game… our biggest wave was 64 on kino ( and we didnt died, we got bored and it took about 4-5 hours. Anyway if you want to have a bigg wave a good game play add me on ps3 we will make you go up the leader board My acc. name is AGDJproF996 and please if you add me write it into the letter how you added me because you saw this reply if you dont im going to delet the reply or may ask 1st who you are.

  13. Angel says:

    My strategie is to run then revive the dudes. I got to level 88 like thst

  14. jackatlasxd says:

    wat i see is that the only way to gethigh in this game is to totaly spam the mysterbox ok if theres 3 peopl that are playing together let one of them be downstairs gaurding the room under the floor in the lobby the next 2 one gaurds the room on the right next one gaurds the 2 entrances downstairs

  15. Bradley says:

    My strategy is to run okay ive gotten to round 20 or more on all zombie maps !!!!!!!!!

  16. Marquise says:

    I can use any gun, I can go through any room… Thr have been times I jus buy the mpl n stay n da room under the steps until I cant hold dem off n e longer… I usually try n stay until level 8 bcuz by dis tyme I can run outside n buy the ak74 n hold off more, at least to round 11… Then I run to the power room n try to rack up a few more pointz then jus turn the power on, buy jugger, revive, open first two doors up stairs buy speed cola n the mule kick… Kill all standing zombies n leave thr crawlies bcuz thr easier to avoid, then go find box n try 2 get ure hands on three weapons of ure liking, me personally, I like the rpk, crossbow, n the galil… If necessary jus grab the first three weapons the box gives u n jus try ure skillz… If ure a real zombie u can understand me… Jus to be honest, thr iz no use for a strategy… Uthe main focus iz playn a good two or three times to c da layout of he series… Im tawkn things like wen the power ups spawn, wat round the dog cumz n, the ramdom box location, etc…

  17. connor says:

    I’ve gootin up to round 80 with out cheating anyway

  18. connor says:

    that was the dumbest thing ever.First of running around in a circle on the stage is called laps and you might not get HK21 or thunder gun so i don’t see how that will work.

  19. Green day says:

    I used this method and got to round to round 54 on my own, but it is not as good as a method when there is one pearson.

  20. Kammer21 says:

    This strategy is okay i guess but I think it seems that way when you get to round 99 on player match

  21. zombielobby says:

    I suck at zombies. level 7 by myself is the farthest thanks for the help! lol

  22. yourface says:

    i suck at zombies, i only get to round 15, but here’s an excellent point strategy: (but not on solo) travel through the top, untill you are in the room where you turn on the power. camp in there, suckish player covering back barier, and good player covering the front barrier and door. you turn on the power anbd get your perks once you have enough points. this strategy only backfires rarely, it’s just i have been buying pack a punch instead of perks that kill me

  23. Alex says:

    i dont like waisting my money in the box so I just puck a punch M1911 (the pistol that they give you at the begining).But first i use the box till i get phython, G11, or a light machine gun.then i save money to get speed cola. that way i can survive like 25 rounds or more

  24. Nate says:

    instead of running the stage, wouldnt be better to run a circut of the doors you have opened after you turn the power on?

    • Sean says:

      Because you will need something like Stammin’ up but you can’t get that and in the higher rounds the zombies will be able to catch up with you. Plus as you turn around to kill the zombies, when you run past an open window, the zombies will climb through the window and run head on at you so you will get hit. This will cause you to slow down and the zombies behind you to catch up. Js :D :) 8)

  25. Giovanni says:

    my strategy is to go to the door downstairs and through the alley because the box is mostly there i got to round 35 solo and 27 with my friend the reason my round was lower because i have to worry about reviving but your strategy is great too

  26. luisy D says:

    dang man, me and one of my buddies did this once and we got to level 26 :(
    i wanna beat that record!!! so yes, im going to use this :) thank you

  27. antonio says:

    I always do a lot of stragities I got to round 25 in da downstairs and up two stairs cuz I found mystery box and it always appears in da frst two rooms up or downstairs so I’m good but I die on round 78

  28. knob says:

    zombies spawn in one group at the start and then replace each other as you kill them , except for the green smog ones who steadily join over time. teleport at the start of each round to get your first group, throw only enough grenades to make some crawl, don’t kill any or they will spawn as you circle back to the stage, as you circle take the long way around each room, this will make the back zombies catch up to the front ones, then you mow down your tight pack at the stage, circle the stage as much as you can as they spawn, and then circle the map again compact the horde. There’s a way to compact the horde at the stage, and you’ll figure it out after doing this basic strategy a bit, but before you try that you gotta master dodging and jumping crawls. Priority is mp40 jugnog then one automatic and one single shot weapon.upgrading is not important until you have all your base weapons and drinks. Remember only to kill them at the stage so they only spawn in that area instead of in the tight corridors as you circle the map. Link the port before each round repair windows before killing final crawl, so if they do spawn as you circle, they won’t just jump straight out at you, you will have time to get past. This strategy will get you to level 25easy, by then you will have learnt dodging skills that are necessary after that. One other thing, boredom can get you killed, schedule breaks when you go for your personal best.

  29. Doctor_McFeelie says:

    Why use quick revive going solo, who is reviving you?

  30. robby says:

    i have a stategy simaler but it is a little bit more of me runing trains every were i have one planed for every room so i can get perks and i use traps betwwen perks i have gotten to round 49 solo i want to eventually beat sindicute

  31. Cheyenne says:

    I helped my cousin Jeffrey and thanks too you he is on level 170 and I play Black Ops EVERY DAY with my mom Jennifer my dad Dominick my brother Dominick jr. me Cheyenne and my uncle Danny!!!

  32. Ramiro says:

    I like to go around the building once it gets crouded an stay at the lobby it got me to round 30 but i will try your strategy

  33. Juan says:

    I think its amazing that u were able to come with this. I will use this stratagey to become better in solo zombies since i always die on round 9.

    • Josh says:

      the strategie i use is somwhat simalar but i open the doors to the mp40 as soon as possible and gain 5000 points then open till the stage and turn the power on then link the teleporters buy jug and quick revive then locate the box hit it till you run out of points or your pleased with your guns then at the start of every round teleport and throw frags and upgrade then when you teleport back to the lobby stay there look left and right then straight ahead theres alot of zombies empty 1 mag or 2 into them thengo up the stairs slowly and circle the building about two times then link the teleportersturn and shoot till the zombies are gone leave a crawler build some barriers and hit the box and go buy double tap and speed cola and bowie knife and kill the crawler and teleport, shoot by lobby, circle building 2 times,link, shoot,leave crawler, whateva you need ,and kill the crawler then you do the same every round. i got to round 22 solo, and 21 with my friend. this is the only strategie i am succsesful with.

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