Rumored Black Ops 2 Sequel

Black Ops 2 Sequel

Rumors have been circulating that Treyarch has been given the green light to work on the next Call of Duty title. Little surprise here Treyarch would be the next developer studio to work on the next Call of Duty, but rumor has it, they will be working on a Black Ops sequel. Call of Duty Black Ops is Treyarch’s most successful video game title they have ever released. With all kinds of sales records under their belt, it’s only fitting a sequel to the ever popular Black Ops be released.

If these rumors are true and we do see a Black Ops sequel, then don’t expect it for 2011. Modern Warfare 3 is slated for a November 2011 release. If Activision sticks to its schedule as it has these past years, then we could expect a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 release date for November 2012.

Call of Duty zombie fans should hope these rumors come true. We could potentially see Black Ops zombies in this sequel.

Rumor Source: Rumor Machine section of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK.

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  1. Jake says:

    yes thank you!!! but i think there should be a creative mode were u could hav any gun and soda and grenade and fly and be invincible because its just way to hard for normal peeple that goto work and on the weekends they play and get to round 27 occasionally

  2. kevin says:

    I believe they need to change the game play of the maps, it is too easy to just make points, run circles and open every door. there should be objects to complete instead of just Easter eggs, there should be certain items to find to progress through the maps. you should be allowed to pack a punch 3 times, first time it just increases bullet capacity, next increase firepower, third time it should be more ammo, laser bullets/special effect. I don’t care if it cost 20000 points because you can honestly do everything in every map before round 10 then all you have left is to survive… boring

  3. pete says:

    i think you should let us choose to have unlimited lives and ammo and stuff kinda like a sandbox mode so we can experiment with diffrent weapons without having to restart when we die its a pain

  4. Zach says:

    U should be able to have as many perks as u want and u should be able to buy a commando off the wall

  5. Zach says:

    I think you should be able t o buy everything you once had if u had it then died

  6. Blazeras says:

    We need a zombie game only for zombies

  7. StoRm_HeCTic says:

    New weapons new perks and new maps

    • Blazeras says:

      I say their should be like zombie missions u have to fight your way to a helicopter that takes you home and their should be a perk to let you keep your juggernaught when u get downed

  8. That guy says:

    Like tomG’s idea i think they should have a Open world map, Kinda like DeadIsland But you Know With Blops graphics, Its all perfectly possible

  9. Cody says:

    Further more black ops end of campaign left u with a “what happens now ”
    well i’ll tell you a new game comes out callled…..???????????…. then you buy it and the zombies is better than ever with more easter eggs than u can count and new better improved modified and tampered so if they dont i would be wrong peace.

  10. Cody says:

    I say there will be a new black ops And personly i like the wholle two box one calssic for 1000 and new for reg price so any Comon guys u kow there is new black ops comin its just that simple no way wold they not continue zombies but what they should do is something make a boss zombie and that zombie is one of the good guys but still when at the end of the round u get the weappons back

  11. TomG says:

    Id like zombies to have his own official game and then how about this:
    Its kind of free roaming, but to keep the original zombie idea (what I realy like) the gigantic map is marked with boundaries, and within those boundaries youre in a round like original, between those areas there is no-mans-land with creepy creatures crawling around. There is a campaign where you follow a storyline in the map, going from area to area, and you can also share the map online with others, and cooperate with like 16-20 other people, but within the boundaries theres a maximum of 6 people. Maybe there can be even an underground world where the survivors of the apocalyps live, but they hate you so they fight you to with guns (MW3 survival idea).
    Area ideas of me are:
    Area 51 (again)


    • THE MASTER says:

      i agree but you could add the chance to pick certain perks and weopons on the firt round with things like care packages maybe….also sniper spots and you could call in delta squads or airlift for a certain amount of time and give it a modern warfare edge to spice things up.

  12. Valid leak says:

    They should make a zombie only campaign ..or just make the next one all about zombies. I kill you to death zombieeeeee!!!!

  13. Zombiespro says:

    They should make a game just about zombies with new maps and the original and Classic maps get rid of the glitches trust me guys you dont need them i got 80+ every level without them. Add 2 mystery boxes 1 classic box which has the guns from kino and der riese for 1000 points (ect PPSH-41 and Galil) and a normal mystery box which has new guns and equipment expand the maps abit and add 2 wonder weapons in every map so people quit bitching when you get a wonder weapon (ect Thunder gun) add new Zombies like dogs and make the leaderboads higher than 99 because its unfair to people like me when you get 102 on ascension and it says you got 99 that really ticked me off spent 2days straight to get that :(

  14. zombier1 says:


  15. I win says:

    They should make a zombie mapmaker DLC like in the timesplitters games but with zombies!! Also a random pickup on the wall for 1500 and you could get carpenter, max ammo, fire sale etc. And also they need to include EVERY gun that’s in the story in the zombie maps for example in waw they dont include the type 99. Save and quit option is a BRIALLIANT idea :D the RC XD monkey bomb thing would be awesome!! Also they need a sentry gun pickup like when zombies drop max ammo and stuff but you can pick it up and use it whenever as long as you dont get downed and kilstreak rewards but like 200 kills will get you a mortar strike and 500 kills will get you an attack helicopter etc.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with u completely! Definatley with the use whenever u want max ammo and OMFG the save and quit XD ur a genius!

      • shane carter says:

        there is a pack a punch machine in world at war first map that came with the game natch der untoten. It is on the roof. Not the one you can walk on the one that is higher above it.

    • Ralphie says:

      save and quit it is so dumb but yet so geniouse. i hate how you might have to go somewhere and then you cant really leave yor xbox on for like 4 hours seriously you should be able to save and quit you my good man are a geniiouse

  16. aaron says:

    i think that treyarch should publish a game called The Best of Zombies and include the 10 current zombie maps and add more with some new guns and perks

  17. epicman says:

    call of duty 2 should have duel wielding like halo 3 instead of it being 2 of the same gun

    • Mikhail says:

      Call of Duty 2 is older than my grandfather :D

    • Zombie247 says:

      The game call of duty- black ops should be all about zombies even the campaign mode.I hope the call of duty people make their minds and make the whole game about zombies and nothing else but zombies.There should be new bosses that r even tufer then that guy on the moon level of call of duty black ops game.Finally they should put new sodas like the punch that makes your weapon 10 times better and the death machine should not just b 4 1 round it should b 4 7 rounds!

  18. Juan says:

    i hope there would be a black ops 2 new zombies and new guns xD

  19. dude says:

    i think that the weapons will be avaible to buy in the box because is so much better to have great weapons and the pack a punch can be more cheaper so player can buy more pack a punch.and i think that the glitches are bad and borring the players have to triang to play better and i know that black ops 2 can be a great hit

  20. d man zzz says:

    dude quit useing gliches thats a sign of weakness but i think they should make a vortex gun that sucks a small amount of zombie withit or a tornado gun

  21. cameron says:

    ive heard that nuketown will end up a zombie map that would be awsome

  22. xxscktwistxx says:

    you should be able to give up your gun out the mystery box if you decide you dont want it.. it could help a team member that goes down later in the rounds that goes broke.

  23. Josh says:

    i wish you could pay 5000 points when your downed to get back up and a thing on the wall that is like max ammo but you buy it and you have full ammo with gunns grenades monkeys or whateva you have for 1500 points

  24. tristan says:

    dont pach eney gliches and let people prestige in combat traning

  25. Jacob says:

    There should be a masive beach map and there should
    be zombie pirranas
    I agree that there should be a save and quit in the pause

  26. Jacob says:

    U should get RC-XD with monkey bomb attached
    On zombie mode

  27. Jacob says:

    There should be a perk on zombies to get
    Dual wield

    • Josh says:

      That would be horrible cause every weapon u got would be dual wield and youd never get any kills unless it was like death machine that would be awsome

      • Jacob says:

        Again you get tuns of kills with the 1 weapon u wood double
        Your kills and get to higher rounds double tap is
        rubbish that should not be included in zombies

  28. Ian says:

    I think they should make zombies with a save and quit option , that would be awsome :D

  29. David Fidanza says:

    They should make a whole game based on zombies only!!! they could put more characters, make different zombies modes, or just plain ole online zombies!!!
    Also they should expand on the story line on zombies!! instead of just the radios or the movie reels in kino, they should put more extras in. As well as more zombie types, more zombie animals like the monkeys and the dogs, and should also make the maps wwwwaaaaayyyyy bigger!! it’ll be more fun playing zombies on an outside map with more room to run than on an enclosed map where claymores and grenades will kill u!!

    • kade says:

      i agree with making the map bigger, maybe even make cead ops arcade a real zombie map and the rooms always change so you never know what to excpect and every 5 rounds you come acroos the pack a punch, something like that

    • anthony says:

      there is ,its called call of duty zombies somthin like that look it up

    • Brian says:

      I completely agree, I think they should like make a video game that’s a movie about zombies. So see u start out in a warzone in WWII as dempsey then get to where all of the players meet (the original ones) then lets say ur on Der Riese u start out in a little video where Richtofen says wat to do then u do it then u choose whether to stay longer or transport to the next map (Kino Der Toten)

    • Blazeras says:

      Yes I was also thinking dat and the zombie campaign would be going city to city to find civilians that are trying to protect them selves and you find Richthofen O.o

  30. Jacob says:

    Pack a punch should be there

  31. Jacob says:

    There should be more bigger better zombie maps
    like in a town and hotel.Dogs?.Yes.Dogs are easy
    and gives it a change than the uasual zombies.There should
    be cheats and glitches .I don’t like them creepy little
    things that crawl around though.It should not be ever lasting rounds
    you should be able to complete it

  32. Jacob says:

    Patching glitches is a bad idea.Do you no how
    to get nicolia Dempsey ritchtofen and tackou free
    on call of the dead

  33. john says:

    black ops should just be improved with better maps and guns

  34. George romero says:

    IF they do they better not patch glitches

    • TheTurkinat0r27 says:

      Let’s not patch glitches because it makes us get really high in the leaderboards even though we can’t get touched by zombies!

      • Hammer says:

        If you are using glitches tO get to high levels- you are cheating and deserve to be banned for cheating. If you can’t reach a high level without glitches, then practice/get better killing zombies or join someone that could help you(carry you).

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