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Call of the Dead Guide

Call of the Dead Guide

Finally! Here is a guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of the Dead that will help you get to round 50! With the release of the new Black Ops Zombies Escalation DLC pack, a lot of people are struggling to survive and reach the higher rounds. Well not anymore. You should find the [...]

Black Ops Ascension

Ascension Survival Guide

The Call of Duty Black Ops recently released new DLC for the Xbox 360 called First Strike. With this release a new zombie map was added called, Ascension. Ascension is the third zombie map for COD Black Ops. The map takes place in a Soviet Cosmodrome. The zombies have overtaken the facility and you are [...]

COD Black Ops Zombies Five Map Guide

Five Survival Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode has another map for you to play besides Kino Der Toten. However, before you can begin killing zombies on this next map, you need to do a little work. This map is unlocked by beating the COD Black Ops single player campaign. The unlocked COD Black Ops Zombie [...]

Kino Der Toten Guide

Kino Der Toten Survival Guide

The following is a guide to Kino Der Toten, a Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map. These map specific strategies should help COD players gain an edge when faced with zombie hordes. Hold Up! Kino Der Toten has a great place to setup your defense. It is a small alley which provides great cover [...]