Will Modern Warfare 3 Have Zombies?

Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is slated for a November 2011 release date. Like clockwork the past several years, we have seen a new Call of Duty title released, and why not? Activision has two great developers in Infinity Ward and Treyarch and they appear to have a system of alternating new COD titles. With Black Ops being the latest release from Treyarch back in November 2010, that means Infinity Ward will be responsible for Modern Warfare 3.

Infinity Ward is actually co-developing MW 3 in part with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Studios. They appear to be the developers in charge of the Modern Warfare series from Call of Duty. Sledgehammer Games is focusing on the single player aspect while Raven Studios works on multi-player.

The question is, “Will Modern Warfare 3 have zombies?” We didn’t see zombies in Modern Warfare 2, so I doubt we will see any zombie mode for the new Modern Warfare 3. Zombie mode is from the Treyarch development studio and since Modern Warfare 3 is developed by another team, I doubt they will have zombies.

If there are no zombies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, what will happen to the future of the COD franchise, especially now there are two new studios taking over development? Will we continue to see the Call of Duty legacy flourish? Will Black Ops Zombies be the last we see of zombie mode?

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72 Responses to “Will Modern Warfare 3 Have Zombies?”

  1. ethan123 says:

    no but tetys are in it

  2. LMAO says:

    MW3 Will have survival mode. Basically alot like zombies but very unique. It’s badass!

  3. lewismaden11 says:

    heyyyahhhh <3<3 get the random box on kinder toten shoot the light above the box 4 times duck under the box and on the left side shoot the left side 4 times and you will appear with the ray gun <3<3

  4. epicman says:

    i recken call of duty should come with 2 discs 1 stuffed with as much campain as they can the other completly full of multiplayer maps insted of it all on the 1 disc and finishing the campain in 2-4 days and if the campain was on 1 disc and it took me 1-3 weeks to finish it would make me happy.

    ps zombies just wouldent survive in modern wafare. to many maniacs with machine guns and rocket launchers.

  5. Nathan says:

    I don’t think it will because mw2 didn’t have zombies,and mw3 will be made by the same company as mw2.

  6. Sean says:

    Lol, MW3 can’t have zombies, it was clarified that this couldn’t be possible when MW2 came out.

    It’s a copyright idea, only Treyarch has the ability to use it.

    MW is created by IW.

    End of story, period.

  7. STUART KELLY says:

    mw3 should have zombies coz its classic. im good at zombies on ps3. add me my name is bren_kell.

  8. Xploits says:

    No Zombies = Never Buying
    Bought Blackops Why? Because of Zombies. I have all map packs, Only bought for Zombies.

  9. Grayson says:

    yo u guys need to put zombies in MW3 bra like no shit. N u guys need to put the PSG1 in there a lot of people really like that sniper please put that sniper back in there. N is it possible to make a LN6A1 out of wood i you know please reply thanx

  10. calebs says:

    spoiler alert: badly modern warfare 3 isnt going to have zombies but it will have a survival mode similiar to zombies but a bit better. u can buy your own weapons,killstreaks,and even your own a.i. squad u can also level up.. this is confirmed endless waves,perks,juggernaut not the perk a real juggrnaut he is back!!! adios!!

  11. zachary yount says:

    what if mw3 had a zombie campain and servival then i wood make the game 4 alot of ppl more fun and challenging

  12. kevin says:

    I swear if MW3 doesn’t have zombies it better be one hell of a game!

  13. fredccsjr says:

    i hope they have tomahawks semtex tactical insertion spy camera that would be like mw2 and black ops mixed it would be epic

  14. Juan says:

    In my opinion, they should have stuff from modern warfare 2 (awesome multiplayer, spec ops, etc.) and stuff from black ops (zombies, rc-xd, tomahawks, etc.) and roll it into 1. It will make the game legendary 2 the call of duty franchise.

  15. alex says:

    they should put zombie mode in mw3 if they dont i rather spend my money on bf3

  16. fredccsjr says:

    i was once at my cousins playing der riese and i played with a hacker he put guns on the ground like wunderwaffe pack a punched the ppsh flamethrower pack a punch and he was also flying in air i wish i added him but if any of u guys have xbox live and der riese write back to me on this website

  17. fredccsjr says:

    i love der riese on world at war its so fun wat i hate is u have to pay to use the teleportert and u have to link all three before the time runs but only one at a time and after that the pack a punch door is opened i love wunderwaffe

  18. Anonymous says:

    how can black ops be ‘the last we see’ that has zombie mode since the next game will be developped by treyarch and it will probably have the zombies game mode in it

  19. stevey says:

    They should deffinetly have zombies then they will make even more money than black ops because they will have more modern guns, and since mw2 was such a success then mw3 is bound to be such a good game as in a sequal.

  20. Drum says:

    Please put zombies in mw3. As stated it would put it over the top. Please if developers read this thread PUT ZOMBIES IN YOUR GAME!!!!!

  21. will says:

    i think mw3 will have zombies because i heard trayarc a infinity ward combined for this one

  22. ... says:

    They better put in a zombies in mw3 because its the best thing about call of duty especially if u beet the story Mode and u can’t play online at least u can play zombies and make it so that u can play 4 player offline too because that will make it all the more epic

  23. bradley says:

    if theres no zombies in MW3 dont make the game…it would sale so much faster if it had zombies… everybody plays the game for zombies..EVERYBODY

  24. ur mine says:

    they probably will have zombies because they went to court with activation and they lost they need the money

  25. black ops says:

    if this game dosent have zombies, it will suck.. i dont even see the point in buying the game.

    • Bob says:

      Absolutely right, zombies is the only thing worth buying a CoD game for these days as the rest of it has gotten so bad. It’s apparently been confirmed that there will be “survival mode” which is a round-based game like zombies, but playing against soldiers instead of zombies. What a load of shit…

      • Dick says:

        Cod Is not about zombies single player is best zombies is bullshit

        • Sir E. Brum says:

          dude, that’s your own opinion, and i agree with a lot of people saying we should bring back the zombies, cuz its something for people to work together on instead of against each other.

  26. chase says:

    yes but with raven studios working on multiplayer and sledgehammer working on campaign there is a slight chance of zombies

  27. jim bob says:

    iw announced there will be spec ops instead of zombies

  28. x3rh0 says:

    I cant believe this is even a question zombies is fun but it isnt a part of the Modern Warfare series nor should it be. Seriously what does it matter what guns you use to kill zombies, with the progressive difficulty eventually all you can use is a pack-a-punched ray gun to kill the bastards quickly and an HK for headshots but once you get past the thirties its all ray gun so really what do weapons matter @Ryoshia Strife who thinks you dont play MW for its campaign you have no idea what your missing maybe you should toss in COD4 put that bad boy on veteran and prepare for the pain after that pop in MW2 on veteran of course and if you pay attention to the storyline instead of just mindless violence you can actually appreciate the the upcoming MW3 What I would like to see in all major FPS is co-op campaign I loved Treyarch for that when they released WaW but I was disappointed when BlackOps dropped and no co-op campaign such a shame. And to all you jerkoffs who like to call people noobs what do you think you started off as 1337.

    • 1337 says:

      ^ is winning ….duhhhh

    • Mr.B!G M03 says:

      That’s crazy if they don’t have zombies in there. I bet it won’t make as much money as Black OPs… If it does, it’s only because it is the latest edition of Black Ops, but people want to have zombies and multi-player mode on their game instead of switching games in and out all the time.

    • Bob says:

      If you think you need a pack-a-pucnhed ray gun to get far in zombies you must be a camper, no wonder show ignorance towards it…

  29. Joseph says:

    I went through the teleporter, and on the way bak I hit the square button in the office room at the computer. It gave me a movie reel. I went back through the teleporter and put the movie reel into the pojecter and its showing me a message on the screen in the theatre. But I cant figure it out. The picture on the screen is in blak and white and some letters keep showing up, (rea)… I dont know what it means. Can anybody help me out?????

    • dal says:

      its an easter egg theirs four movie reels in each room u get transported too, theirs also several radios in the map all giving clues to how the zombies came to be.

  30. Nick says:

    Will they have zombies? Most likely I’d say no. But that SUCKS! Ever since World at War I’ve wanted to use modern weapons to take the zombies down, it would be so freakin awesome. I swear it would push MW over the limit from 10/10 to 15/10, cause the Infinity Ward MW series was already a lot better than Treyarch’s. Come on IW, please please add a zombie mode to a MW game. Not necessarily this one, cause it’s probably to late, but the next one please do it. The fan’s have spoken, so listen. :)

    • Bob says:

      If you had World at War on the PC like I do you can use the modern weapons mod, which basically ports in the modern warfare weapons to replace the current weapons.

    • Yuri says:

      I think Black Ops is as close as we’re going to get to blasting zombies with modern weapons…

  31. ZOMBIE KILLER says:

    so ya zombies is so awesome but since i read most of the comments i will still get the game modern warfare 3 but i also should buy black ops. and is there already a game called modern warfare 3? like the 2007 version

  32. AƤron Croes says:

    I’m a big fan of zombies, however I play more multiplayer.
    My feedback about this, is that in the next game they deffinitly should ad zombie’s… with a score. you know, levels like multiplayer. only it has to be separated from multiplayer, so zombieplayers can see what level its team mate is. anyway, i will buy the game, even without zombie. but, they would make more profit adding this to the new game.

  33. Ryoshia Strife says:

    In all honest, I really doubt they are going to add Zombies.. if they were then it would have been announce.. let’s face it. You don’t play Modern Warfare for it’s story, nor do you play it for the extra single player stuff (maybe if you want to go Platinum you’d do that, but that’s the only reason to). The thing that makes Modern Warfare so awesome is the multiplayer! Black Ops’ multiplayer sucks, there’s a few cool things here and there, but in all honesty it sucks. I much prefer Modern Warfare 2 over Black Ops any day for multiplayer.

    Modern Warfare 3 SHOULD BE heavily focused on the multiplayer, making it as polish and great as possible (with as little bugs as possible), and for the sake of all that is holy give me back my Tactical Knife damn it! Another thing that really gets me about Black Ops’ multiplayer is the replacement of the Throwing Knife with Tomahawk, I mean really? It was considerably slower than the Throwing Knife and was far less accurate too.

    So in conclusion of my rant and things that SHOULD be. I would like to see the return of the following items:

    1.) Throwing Knives
    2.) Tactical Knives
    3.) Give me COD Points from Black Ops
    4.) Make attachments earned, not bought.
    5.) Please, oh Please, make sure that anyone can buy any weapon! I mean
    honestly how hard can that be?

    Don’t read anymore damn it! RAwr!!!

    • Mikhail says:

      You can’t really say people just play MW for the multiplayer, because then you are screwing yourself. People play for the experience, to get a grip of the controls/gameplay, and to witness how hard IW worked on the campaign. I’m not going to hate those who go straight to multiplayer, but don’t say everybody won’t play the storyline. Pepole play for a good time, not just blasting other players with your noob weapon so you can call yourself good.

  34. your mom says:

    they have to have zombies because u can have modren warfare guns

  35. Dojo3751 says:

    They better have zombie mode. Otherwise infinity ward is pathetic

    • josh345 says:

      ikr(i kno right) it has to have zombies thats the only thing bout it if it does has zombies on it mw3 will go platiumn there ratings will go sky high

  36. stuipidpalladin says:

    black ops is awsome infact i want black ops and the new escalation map pack

  37. stuipidpalladin says:

    i want black ops with the new escalation map pack zombies is epic

    • josh345 says:

      its going to be so many places on the escalation mack pack most of the time ur not going to kno where ur going especially the first time

  38. stuipidpalladin says:

    zombies is epic even though i dont have black ops i still want it and the new escalation map pack

  39. HI DUDES says:

    I think it would because Inifinity Ward is getting fired, so I guess Treyarch and some other companies are in charge :-(

  40. Dr.pwn says:

    i hope so it will be epic
    an i have xbox live

    • fredccsjr says:

      hey i also have xbox live so if u want u can add me i have black ops and mw2 so add me if u want and by the way i loves zombies. (p.s.)i have a mic. Profile=Fredccsjr

  41. OKARI MADASI says:


    • pepr says:

      infinity ward is not going to be the company producing the modern warfare 3 game it will be a different company due to troubles with infinity ward

    • BES1EGE says:

      U R A NOOB IF YOU THINK GETTING TO 53 SOLO IS GOOD. solo is nothing compared to co-op where u have to deal with teammates like of skill and make it up by killing their zombies too. noob.

      • josh345 says:

        u stupid round 53 by ur self is hard only can use the health thing 3 times but ur knid of right to cause sometimes people be acting stupid

    • aj says:

      dude 53 on that map aint hard if you wanna get all big and bad go til level 63 is assision by your self

      • Jay says:

        ascension is the easiest map out of all of them. all you have to do is run in circles. i get bored and kill myself before i waste my life away.

    • Daniel says:

      Not to sure about Zombies They infinity ward said they dont want to but might be adding them in spec ops ;)

    • Bob says:

      Dude you are a noob, because obviously, if there is no Zombies in MW3 they are not gonna call you a noob for not playing something that doesn’t even exist..

  42. pineapple with fuge says:

    i really hope that there will be zombies in the all new modern warfare 3 because i loved playing zombies in world at war and black ops me and my friends always play it everyday all day non-stop because zombies is the best thing that ever happened 2 the call of duty franchise

  43. kazuki says:

    i hope there is zombies aswell with newer guns, it would be epic, nothing goodfy but serious this time,unlike the new maps with the celebs thats dumb, i hope they put there foot in this game

  44. David Heitman says:

    God, I hope they have Zomies mode. I love playin Zombies with my friends and it’s still Call of Duty so there’s a chance that there is Zombies mode on the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Happy gaming and keep playing Call of Duty!

    • OKARI MADASI says:

      ARE U GOOD ME AND U SHOULD DO A ONLINE GAME IM ON PS3 iiSICKSHOTZZii on kino i bet we could get 2 round 65

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