Shangri-La Survival Guide

Shangri-La Walkthrough Guide

Shangri-La is the tenth zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops and is included in the Annihilation DLC pack. The four original characters, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Maskai and Edward Richtofen, return after being teleported from the Siberian facility found in Call of the Dead. The Napalm Zombie and the Shrieker Zombie are brand new to this map. Napalm Zombies will explode when they get close to a player. They deliver high damage and will kill any nearby zombies or players with their deadly napalm. Shriker Zombies are fast. They have a deadly sound wave that will impair a players vision making them become foggy and disoriented.

Shangri-La is a small map and a very difficult map to finish alone. It is best suited for co-op up to four players. Four players are needed if you wish to complete the Easter Egg.

You start off in a small area and must turn on the power. Open all doors leading down to the caves. Each cost 750 credits to open. There are four zombie breach points, a M14/Olympia wall purchase for 500 credits and a handy Quick Revive Machine.

Hold up here for 3 or 4 rounds and get your crawlers before venturing out. The door to the right of the temple leads to the best camp spot on this map. This door should be opened regardless. The door on the left leads to a jungle with another door and a network of caves which eventually lead to a beautiful waterfall. Keep the door under the waterfall closed. This door leads back up to your camp spot which is a small cliff at the end of the rope bridge. Have two people with the best guns watch the mud maze and another person can cover the window which is visible on your right. The other person should cover the rock cave side entrance, sticking closer to the bridge. If somebody goes down then throw some Monkey Bombs to get him. Should you become overrun with zombies, then you have the water slide as an exit.

Another option is to use the circle-map strategy.

Circle-map strategy

  1. Start at the exit side of the mud maze
  2. Run down the rope bridge
  3. Make your way through the underground
  4. Exit out of the cave
  5. Proceed through the traps
  6. Jump into the mud maze and blast the zombies when you get out
  7. Repeat these steps

You should remember that special zombies come at random intervals on this map and can appear during your normal rounds. The downside to having these special zombies mixed in with regular zombies during normal rounds, is there is no guarantee a Max Ammo will be picked up. To have the best chance to succeed on Shangri-La you must learn the map’s layout. The perk machine will move around, but thankfully it’s not completely random. The perks will switch locations in pairs. The Jugger-Nog and Speed Coloa, Deadshot Daquiri and PhD Flopper, Doubl Tap Root Beer and Stamin-Up.

The Pack-a-Punch is located at the to of the temple. Each player needs to stand on one of the four pressure plates: 1) The camp spot by the window near the bridge, 2) the power room, 3) spawn room, 4) and the cave near the mine cart area leading underground. Activate all four plates and steps in the spawn room will appear and lead up to the top of the temple.

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